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2nd Year Anniversary for HHB

It’s really fun celebrating the anniversary of something you’ve put so much heart and soul into. I’m really pleased with how this one turned out. I love it so much, I’m going to be playing with this image a LOT. I already have a black-and-white version on my new tablet (and I’ll get a color one on as soon as I get to the computer lab with the high-quality color printer). I have a wallpaper of this pic (minus the words) on my desktop. I’ll put that up in DA later.

I had a LOT of fun coloring this thing! I had plenty of time, so I could experiment and try out all sorts of new tricks. The swirling rays of magic dust were created half-accidentally, half-intentionally. I was looking at other DA artists and tried to mimic some of their techniques. The result was something different but still cool. I’ll have to remember that, maybe put up a tutorial later. The power-surge effect came from a tutorial, and I’ll link to that later. The hair was a complete accident. I was just playing around with my new tablet and ended up with a new hair-coloring technique. You can’t see the details at this size, though (I was working in a huge file). On the plus side, you can’t see too well just how screwy my lines are. I’m still not a master at the tablet. On another plus side, I accidentally discovered how to create a rippling water effect (‘cuz that’s what it looks like up close). Since I didn’t go with the cell-shading for the hair, I opted to use the dodge and burn tools for shading and highlighting the rest of the piece in an attempt to maintain continuity. I have another piece that I’m using this technique on, but I’m not done with it; so this constitutes the first time I’ve colored like that and posted the work up in DA.

As for the subject, if you’re familiar with my webcomic, you’ll recognize The Great Mezmoro here. I started this drawing over a year ago and finally got around to finishing it. I drew Mez in a more detailed anime style than how I usually draw in the strip. Since I drew on a full sheet of paper, I could add more detail to his character design. He comes off looking 10 years old, but that’s partially just my style and partially due to the fact that goblins are naturally small and child-like in their stature - - only they are usually not so “fair” looking. Goblins perceive that “ugly” by human standards is actually beautiful, and “beautiful” by human standards is actually ugly. So the bigger the nose, the more warts, and the more ratty the hair (or lack of it), the more beautiful a goblin is in their society. Since Mez is a pretty-boy by human standards, he’s hideous to other goblins. Hence the reason he avoids them.

You’ll notice he’s missing his silly hat. I wanted a flippy-hair look, and the hat was in the way. Let’s just pretend it blew off his head while he was swishing power about the place. I’m sure he’ll find it eventually.
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Whatever happened to the Hero's Handbook? It's been dead years.

...I miss it.
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Happy anniversary!:-D I miss reading your comics... but I can't tell you to hurry up 'cause'n I am so lazy about art myself!;-)
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Ah, and understandting artist of my own motivationally-challenged species. ^_^ I miss making my comics! Thanks for reading!
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That is way cool! Excellent coloring job! The only thing I'd change is the background color; having it all green kinda hides the character and make him hard to make out.
You're DEFINITELY gonna have to tell me how you did those swirly-rings. I think I have an idea (it has to do with outer-layer glow set on high distortion, or whatever that's called...right?), but a tutorial would still help.
I also wanna know how you got the water-ripple effect in his hair.
I like how he has little gold decals on his sleeves; that's a cool design.
Lol, for someone who's a subordinate and unofficial secretary, he sure seems to think highly of himself. ^_^
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I had to use a green BG color; otherwise, the special effects changed funny colors and looked wrong. He stands out a little better on my wallpaper because I added a gradiated white streak in the BG and took off the words.

Heh, I totally forgot about using the outer-layer glow with high distortion.

Mezmoro's ego is a deffense mechanism. Since he doesn't get much respect, he tries to act like he should be.
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Hurrah! She returnes!

And for someone who's always the butt end of things gone wrong, he looks sadistickly happy.

Like he's sayin', "C'mere, I dare ya!" as he mystafies and confunkylates his foes.

Niec work HBB, good to see something new up after so long of a wait.

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Yup, I'm back! ^_^ I'll be posting a full explaination Friday along with this same anniversary pic. Yeah, it's been a long wait for me, too. I am SO charaged and ready to get back into the swing of things. ReadysetGO!

Mez has things rough but he deals with things in his own ways. One of those ways is essentially showing off his power. It'd be a lot more impressive if his power was as tough and useful as he tries to make it look, but let's face it. Illusionists in the world of HHB are at the bottom rung of the magical respect ladder. Sure, you can make things look pretty fancy, but it doesn't really DO much. If Mez wants to think he's tougher than he really is, though, then more power to him. He'll need it. ^_~
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