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ugly boyfriend, she should date me ;)
Awesome style. Nice job!
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Wow! This is gorgeous
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.....ahhhhhh simply amazing
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All the world loves a lover huh!
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This is amazing! I lvoe the details in their clothes and how they really look to be flowing
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I think that's something wrong with your right hand.
But in general, amazing)
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he this is for Conquer online i played this game for years
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I like the way its set up
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that's how it's done. who better to protect you than the one who loves you most? [the one who can/will do it best is the answer, but that's beside the point...]
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The archer is beautiful.
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Jade Dynasty again. May I assume you like Perfect World Entertainment games? :)
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So prettyyy. Amazing detailing!!
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wow that is some amazing rendering, the light has a particular character to the whole thing too, looks kinda picture book-esque to me O_o really love it!
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WWWWHWHHHHOOOAAAAAAAAAA MY JEEWIZZ its so beautifully detailed ahhhhhhhhhh dangg
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Absolutely stunning! :D
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