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what a phantastic warrior!
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georgeus job!!! it's fucking amazing
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Great picture! I really love the sword. It's one of the coolest swords I've ever seen. It looks powerful! ;) The colors are also nice and rich, which makes it very appealing to look at. You did a fine job!
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Sorry to burst your bubble but that thing wouldn't work at all in real life
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So THIS is what happens when you give a male female armor from a fantasy games. Its as horrifying as I imagined.
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Looks like Caramon from Dragonlance. 
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It's amazing, what program did you use for this if you dont mind?
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In all honesty, I don't think that fits as an old-world knight. The gear looks a bit lacking...however, he may count as a new-world knight (aka the Mexican and South American knights).

I shall add this to my favorites so that I can study your anatomy.
An-Old-Otaku's avatar

Asian Knights are definitely different from western knights! :omfg:


And probably a lot more dangerous! :thumbsup:


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yeah sure. loat moar dangerous. Spartans and Macedons had so many troubles. Lol.
O[]O .....very happy....
charming knight
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this is awesome, who cares if you don't think he looks like a knight?

It's all based on the society a knight comes from, this guy happens to be from one where knights have less armor on.
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Very awesome but I like some other people also mentioned I shouldnt call it a knight not a barbarian either though maybe just warrior but he got this mystic aura around it
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I dont really think you should call this a Knight it should be more like barbarian , but good piece of art work hope you do better in the future !
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Knight isn't the right word for him. Warrior is more like it. He reminds me of Amazons, I know they were all women but still. Maybe it's the goat shield or the surroundings but yea, I'm getting that vibe. And his cape is beautiful, it's like half cloth and half smoke.
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I love the colors and the focused details in certain areas and muddledness in others.
Darleivent's avatar
This is nice, but he have too big hips for a man.
anime-robot-lover's avatar
Hello! My name is Jessica (~anime-robot-lover) and I really like what you have drawn here! I am wondering if you would allow me to put this into a You-Tube video? The video will be about fantasy creatures such as: Vampires, angels, were-wolves, dragons, knights and so on. It will also have a credits list at the ending. If you agree to let me put this beautiful piece of art work within the video, then I will put you're DA username within the list. I will include a list within the description under the video along with a link to your profile. If you don't agree, then I understand and I won't push you. If you agree, then you will also get a link to the video. Well, good luck!

Good day,

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