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It' about vampire.
A poster for MMORPG game.
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Absolutely fantastic.
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whew! just looking at the thumbnail i thought the female human was holding a Gjallarhorn the wrong way.…
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Beautiful! Love the details! The people are very handsome and pretty too! I like the way you bring all the elements together in a fluid flow. Every part of this piece looks very realistic, and I love it!
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the scene looks like things i have seen in the game heroes might and magic
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I love this, it's so beautiful. Does the style of clothing the vampires are wearing have a name?
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u know...i'm shocked this is just wonderful !
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A masterpiece indeed, glorius art work.
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HoMM - Japanese Version.
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i found this pic on 2010 and still be my fave until now <3
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A never ending war on mortals and the creatures of the night
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wow keep up the good work
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woah finally straight guys fighting O*O :heart:
OMG really wonderful I love it!!!
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so much detail. I love how you made the vampires. I am a huge fan of vampire stuff. :)
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Belle image ! Bon travail ! Félicitations !
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I love the Ball of Energy Most.
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is it for forsaken world? 

if not, then for which MMO:/
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