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is that ninja gaiden i love that game

Patience young grasshopper

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Look, I won't mention the historical problems about real ninjas being NOTHING like this. I will just point out one thing.

it would be physically impossible for him to draw any of those swords on his back. His arm would need to be ridiculously long to accomplish it.
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Amazing artwork 
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like the ninjas so much
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Il est super *^*
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just like ninja gaiden
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Whoa this is Awesome!
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The Shedder, It a cool design, I know it probably not The Shedder but he has that feel. The shedder is technically a ninja, He did train with Master Splinter and taught The Foot Ninjutsu, so why people don't portray him as one?
Hmm ninja gaiden??
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Great looking ninja!
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reminds me of that ninja from ninja gaiden that fought ryu in sigma 2
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drawn by hand? (on the poot poot {computer})?
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so.. awesome..

lost for words!
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Wow, This is really amazing!! Good Job!
Ninja rules!!
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He does look a lot like ryu but still bad fucking ass great job
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ok now ninja gaiden is seriously pissed off
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