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Nightmare demon

By hgjart
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The demon come from nightmare.
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Would you mind if i used your piece as an example for a charector I"m developing, thanks!
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This might be my favorite piece of art on deviantart. You have the courage to leave some areas so unrefined and make other areas so detailed. Its an amazing way to control the viewer's eye and I am incredibly envious of your ability to do so. Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL work.
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So detailed
So evil
So demon
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what the fantastic works they are.i appreciate your colors and details.how could you did that,it is amazing.
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Damn scarry thing, but to desmantle this thought I just have to imagine him cleaning his nose...XD
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WOW! Amazing. Just Epic!
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this is completely awsome... i think the best artwork ive ever met..really ..just jeesus****
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You play League of Legends?
this is awesome, it's looks like it could be a rengar skin.
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I love it! It's outstanding!
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Superior work. Just incredible.
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Dude... just... just.... holy shit!! so freaking damn awesome! i... omg! D=
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very cool design ! )
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I would say you should make a Horror/Adventure movie, but your art is already so alive........
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This is incredible! Beautiful work congrats :D

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yo i dont think that you could help me come up with a demon design could you? im trying to come up with an idea for a speed demon design but can't think of a good version of it i know i want it to be reptilian in some way but thats about it.
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