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Cursed King

By hgjart
Cursed King
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This is (I can't believe I am actually saying this) The best piece of art I have ever seen on devientart.   
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Love this! Would love you have your permission to use this on a website I'm building.  Your are amazing. :)
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I hope to achieve this level of finish one day. Wonderful work :)
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Niice one. 

Is the complexion color of ordinary people when you create this character ?

I think it is the ordinary skin color of people, but my friends say it is like some kind of purple skin

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i think it's pretty blue, definitely not usual.
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Beautifully sinister.  ;)
Glorious details!
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Amazing :'((((( I feel like im nothing..
How many hours did this take? I am REALLY curious
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It looks very powerful!
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Reminds me of my DI   this guy would eat you liver.  Great expression !!!!!
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Great piece of work.
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im really interested in how you start off your work
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I love your art but I hate in the same way, because you are so goood! that I feel a bit inferior :P Don't worry it's not your fault :P But I believe I would be good too. I hope so :)
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Amazing Design !
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this is amazing! I absolutely love your use of color, and shading...well done, really well done
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It's so reallistic, I like that o/
The work on the light, the armor, the skin...
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