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Another Vampire

Another vampire which I finished last year.
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Nice one!
Could be used as a tieffeling or a Fey'ri. ^^
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*Little girl self who fell in love with vampires before Twilight SWOONS*
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If anyone can please give me a description of this picture for my book I would be grateful
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Can anyone please give me an accurate written description of this picture for my story?
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Oh my gosh! I love this Heart 
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Absolutely gorgeous Raven: *GASP!* Awesome 
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Wow! This is amazing! He looks exactly how I think a vampire should look! Yay! Big wings! (sorry I got excited there)
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Oh wow this is completely original? Highly impressed. You've earned this watch.
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Great job! It reminds me of the Castlevania game!
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DAMN !! amazing by all means and DAMN !!
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Wow! he looks beatiful and powerful, well done.
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Cool. I enjoy the regality of his clothing.
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loovks like a version of Alucard from Castlevenia
Your vampires are fantastic. I am currently in the midst of making a vampire Novel. The appeal you place in their very fashion? Astonishing.
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Although the I can see the Vampire part clearly! I really think this looks more like sort of a Demon...well I know that Vampires are demos in a way in that they actually are demon possessed/bonded humans. So In a sense I guess I can look at the design as representation of higher level Vampire!
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vampires always look so good in such clothing <3 who doesn't btw *cough*
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I am loving those wings!
Very cool looking!
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The desing is great.
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Looks kinda like Castlevania Alucard with shorter hair and pointed ears. Pretty sweet in my book.
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