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If you use any of my artworks PLEASE credit me!



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Please read

. by HG-The-Hamster . by HG-The-Hamster . by HG-The-Hamster . by HG-The-Hamster . by HG-The-Hamster

Toadette and Bowser Jr belong to Nintendo, their AU belongs to me. sprites are taken from the paper jam sprite spread sheet

*My ship is NOT based off Super Mario Logan

I don't care if you hate my OTP, or if you ship Bowser Jr and Toadette with different characters. All I ask is that you respectfully leave me and others alone for shipping it if you do not like my ship. I have a lot of reasons for shipping my OTP, but I do not feel as though attacking me or anyone else will solve any problems. attacking someone for a ship is extremely stupid in my opinion, so with all do and respect move on from me if you do not like my ship. This INCLUDES tagging my username in anti-posts, and trying to start a shipping war with Toadette x Toad.

Even though Toadette and Bowser Jr are ageless characters, I headcanon them as young adults or more around the ages of 18-25. It is a Alternative Universe that takes place years after the Mario canon. They fell in love with each other after they realized how they relate to one another, Toadette wanting to become the future of the Mushroom Kingdom and Bowser Jr wanting to become the next villian of the Darklands, but with how everyone treats them the two of them accidentally fall in love with each other with the Bowser and Mario unable to stop them. Despite Bowser Jr being the prince of the Darklands and Toadette a loyal Toad brigade archivist and servant of Princess Peach, the two settle their differences and love each other for who they are instead of for the rivalry between their leaders. I do not see this as a full on canon thing, I just write it for fun :)

As a another thing to note, please keep artworks of my AU SFW. While I personally do not mind NSFW as long as Bowser Jr and Toadette are aged up PROPERLY I would prefer if you kept everything SFW since aging up is very risky if you aren't careful (you'll be happy to know I do not age them up for sexual reasons) , and while Bowser Jr and Toadette's sexual relationship is apart of the AU, it is best it to be kept on a website for a more mature audience, as I know from a personal standpoint there are people out there who would find it disgusting regardless if they're aged up. So to not be dealt with drama or accusations I please request the AU to be kept SFW on this website.

Character refrences and more infomation about my AU are down here in the desc, check it out when you have some time.

Bowser Jr :
Toadette :
Phoenix/Koopa T :
Bubbles :
Juniorette :

*It is noted in this AU the world is heavily based off of NSBWU and Mario and Luigi Paper Jam
This AU has three parts
Pt 1. revolves around Bowser Jr and Toadette going against their own kingdom. As well as deciding to revolt from Peach and Bowser. This part of the AU also introduces Bubbles since she is born a few months after Toadette turns 18.

Pt 2. Revoles around them as King and Queen of the Darklands and arising as kingdom leaders. The Mushroom Kingdom and Darklands being at peace ever since Bowser went missing.

Pt 3. is about thier son Phoenix and his struggles as the next leader of the Darklands and Mushroom Kingdom. Wanting to make both kingdoms at war again.

If you would like to read my AU please go to this link :…

Bowser Jr and Toadette's shipping name is Juniorette!

. by HG-The-Hamster . by HG-The-Hamster . by HG-The-Hamster . by HG-The-Hamster . by HG-The-Hamster


simple animated icons
Maximum is one character!
Icon painted
Maximum is one character please!
Theses are drawings that are mostly sketched out in my sketchbook but you can choose between digital or traditional. limit is two characters

*extra characters + 100 points and I will add your name to the commission widget in order for you to pay me. 
Adopt batch one
Pay here! please
flat colors
drawings that are not shaded
*extra characters  and bg's are + 100 points and I will add your name to the commission widget in order for you to pay me.
Blender headshot sculpt
Headshots of whatever character you want in Blender they will also be modeled with a neck LMAO

*characters will not be rigged or colored but I will offer you the sculpt as a free Blender file for you to mess with 
It's not connecting to our TV at all, we've tried many differnt things from differnt HDMI cables, differnt adapters etc and it just won't connect to the TV :/ The dock we use an offical one same with the adapter and the Switch HDMI cable. I've been searching up so much info and we can't find a solution. So fixing this would be great

thank you



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PLEASE READ ART TRADE RULES *I am very strict on art trades and I will ONLY trade with people I know who are trustable and not just to trade for free art.

Hello, my name is Kayla and I have a big thing for Super Mario. My fursona is an anthropomorphic syrian hamster who is a superhero out to save her home town, "HamsterCity" She and I are very much a like. I have choose to be a kind person and too help others if needed. I am currently studying Graphic Design so I am mostly a digital artist, but I will do traditional art from time to time. I also have ASD or Autism Spectrum Disorder so I do apologize in advance if I do something wrong/ or hurt you unintentionally. I usually don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings as sometimes I don't understand what someone is saying to me.

My favorite character is Toadette if it wasn't obvious already, She's a character that I've loved since I was a lot younger and probably might always be my favorite character. So almost anything involving her makes me smile honestly.
BFW here ---->
Projects I want to do in the future
- UV MAP and rig a character of mine in Blender
- Get a Daily Deviation
-Create a realistic scene in Photoshop
- Reanimate a scene from Alpha and Omega

Blessed people :icondjcat22: :iconyureitea: :iconanakoopa: :iconindieanjelo: :icontrisha1024: :iconbowser2queen: :iconaivaylas: :iconmackdaddytoadette: :iconruudaroo::iconillegalkoopas::iconjustcamtro:

.: Hawt OC stamp by P0W4H-L4D33 :.
.: Toadetteism stamp by HG-The-Hamster.:
.: Antimap Stamp by The-Stamp-Plant .:

Other places I'm on

Instagram :…
Youtube :…
Twitter :…
Snapchat :
Switch Friend Code : SW-4864-0031-8816
If you want to PM me or chat I am mostly active here, FurAffinity and Discord. I'll usually respond as quick as I possibly can since I am almost always online as I always have my phone with me

So here are some 2000's - Early 2010's song I enjoyed as a kid for it almost 2020 I would like to do some art based off one of them. Choose one 

5 deviants said… Every Time We Touch - Cascada
3 deviants said… If I Die Young - The Band Perry
3 deviants said Broken - Seether
1 deviant said… Janelle - Amazing aka the song that was basically my childhood lmao
1 deviant said… Just a Kiss - Lady Antebellum
1 deviant said… Birds and Boats - Gregory And The Hawk
1 deviant said My Paper Heart - All American Rejects
No deviants said… 7 Things - Miley Cyrus
No deviants said Jar Of Hearts- Christina Perri
No deviants said Kiss Me - Sixpence None The Richer




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Madbird82 Featured By Owner Edited 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So. What do you think of this Cat Toadette art I just made?

I used an actual tool that acquired the fur brush while looking for a brush that could have a furry texture.
258. The Pigtailed Fuzzball by Madbird82  
HG-The-Hamster Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Not bad!

I do have a 3D world brush for I made for  Photoshop btw 3d World Brushes by HG-The-Hamster
Madbird82 Featured By Owner Edited 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cool. :) (Smile)
AmazonPrincess5000 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Artist
Hey HG, do you know who Tyler Bowie is?
HG-The-Hamster Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Yes, i noticed he watched me recently
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