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:iconnorequests: :iconTradesAsk: :iconpointcommissionsopen: :iconcommissionsopen: :iconcollabsask: :icongiftsfriendsonly: (I do take suggestions!!)

PLEASE READ ART TRADE RULES http://fav.me/dcyhnae *I am very strict on art trades and I will ONLY trade with people I know who are trustable and not just to trade for free art.

COMMISSION INFO : http://fav.me/dd7nzb7

Hello, my name is Kayla but please refer to me as HamsterGirl or HG for short! I am just a nerd who also happens to be intrested in art and grahpic tech (like adobe photoshop, blender etc) on my free time I mainly play video games spefically Nintendo, I mostly play SNES, GameCube and Nintendo Switch games. Super Mario being my spefic interest which I like to draw stuff based off of the franchise. So by all means please do not be scared to look through my gallery to see what I have~

Some other things to note about me

-I have ASD or Autism Spectrum Disorder (A neurological disorder) so I do apologize in advance if I do something wrong/ or hurt you unintentionally. I usually don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings as sometimes I don't understand what someone is saying to me.

-I do read every single comment! Sometimes I just don't reply/talk much due to my own Anxiety as I usually just submit and browse site and nothing else. Please do not think just because I didn't respond to you I am ignoring you! Sometimes I just don't know how to respond.

-Apologizes to my spelling in advance I'm not the best at words a lot of the time mostly due to learning complications and sometimes spell check doesn't exactly work 100% of the time.

My favorite character is Toadette if it wasn't obvious already, She's a character that I've loved since I was a lot younger and probably might always be my favorite character. So almost anything involving her makes me smile honestly.

Best friend~ :iconZeraora:

If you want to PM me or chat I am mostly active here, FurAffinity and Discord. I'll usually respond as quick as I possibly can since I am almost always online as I always have my phone with me

Favourite Visual Artist
Ball point pen art, crayola art and digital art
Favourite Movies
Alpha and Omega, Big Hero 6, The Greatest Showman and Zootopia
Favourite TV Shows
Steven Universe, PPG (Original), Spongebob, DragonTales, Chowder
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Breaking Benjamin,RED,Evasncence, Skillet, Crown The Empire and Three Days Grace
Favourite Books
Beautiful Creatures series, Paper Town, The Fault In Our Stars, Variant
Favourite Writers
John Green
Favourite Games
Mario and Luigi Paper Jam, Super mario 3D world,Mario Kart Double Dash, Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door, New Super Mario Bros Wii U, Yoshi's Island (SNES), Mario Party 7,Captain Toad:Treasure Tracker
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Adobe Photoshop CC, Paint Tool Sai, Krita, Blender, Huion Kamvas 13.3 pro
Other Interests



The future of my AU

The future of my AU

Hi so, you've probaly noticed I stopped doing fanart and have been doing a lot of original content theses past few weeks.It started with Phoenix and Blaise when I decided to do an arc for them in a fanfic im writing called "fuel the flames" from there it just went to my own original toad ocs wheh my friends and I on discord started to discuss differnt OCs I had that were out of the mario franchise... It made me realize I wasn't even working on my OCs world like I really want to. And it was because I was scared, back in 2012-2015 I went through probaly the toughest years of my life being constantly shames on for my OCs being toads and with cr

That time of year again (christmas wishlist 2020)

That time of year again (christmas wishlist 2020)

this is mostly for my discord server but ey, if you do something I would appericate it! (and I might do something back!) I guess for this year I would much appericate some fanart of a few of my favorite OC's it doesn't have to be all of them you can choose just one if wanted but here are highly favorite ones : https://www.deviantart.com/hg-the-hamster/art/Octavius-Wright-860702684 https://www.deviantart.com/hg-the-hamster/art/Emo-Ref-and-Info-724925914 https://www.deviantart.com/hg-the-hamster/art/Scar-Ref-And-Info-683063122 https://www.deviantart.com/hg-the-hamster/art/Cassius-ref-and-info-853098405 SFW or NSFW is fine, I just ask if you draw NSFW of Cassius to please to draw him in his adult form https://www.deviantart.com/hg-the-hamster/art/Cassius-adult-form-857500963 if not you can also order something off my amazon wishlist, I don't have very many things on it because well im not really a big shopper but here's the link incase
I've been doing so many changes to Scar at this point that like, fuck anyone who calls edgy OC's "cringe" they're cool fuck you

Bowser Jr x Toadette Alternative Universe infomation

It is highly recommend you read my AU to understand the ship https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12546339/1/Alternative-Universe-Bowser-Jr-x-Toadette-the-oringin

*My ship is NOT based off Super Mario Logan

I know this ship seems weird and really out of the normal. You don’t have to like it nor do you even have to support it. But it is just a fixation of mine that I like to draw a lot. I started shipping Bowser Jr x Toadette in 2011 after not wanting to ship Toadette with Toad since I saw them as brother and sister at the time (though this would be later proven false by Nintendo) So I went with Bowser Jr as he was the closest to who I saw Toadettes closest to age with and a character I found quite interesting and unpopular all together. Thing’s didn’t kick off for this ship for me until 2015 when the game Mario and Luigi Paper Jam came out and completely changed my prospective on this ship entirely.

I saw how much Toadette and Bowser Jr had in common, from the two of them having a selfish attitude, both being heavily interested in machinery, wanting to become more than “minions”, wanting to grow up to become hero’s etc. It just fascinated me at the time, so it got me more interested in shipping them together.

That’s when I also decided to make my Alternative Universe for them. As I sure as hell know Nintendo is not going to do it themselves, that and I just want to express of how I see my favorite character (Toadette) in a positive view. This AU is basically a future/timeskip AU that takes place 10-15 years from the Mario games, Where Bowser Jr and Toadette are now full grown adults and the Darklands and Mushroom Kingdom are closer to peace thanks to the much older hero’s getting older in age and Bowser not being as interested in Peach like he used to. Instead he decides to more so focus on taking over the Mushroom Kingdom in it’s entirely Peach or no Peach. Because of this he trusts in Bowser Jr to be able to take this role, especially when he’s gone. Although Bowser Jr is supposed to be taking over the Mushroom Kingdom for his dad’s own good. He put’s himself in the middle of a situation after he accidentally falls in love with Toadette who herself is trying to convince the Princess to allow herself to become a higher up in the kingdom’s status and possibly get the throne for herself. So the two of them decide to keep this relationship a secret. Mainly out of fear of what both kingdom’s made think

You can read the full AU here : https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12546339/1/Alternative-Universe-Bowser-Jr-x-Toadette-the-origin

*also note that in canon I have always personally seen Toadette in similar age to Bowser Jr.

As an another thing to note, please keep artworks of my AU SFW. While I personally do not mind NSFW as long as Bowser Jr and Toadette are aged up PROPERLY I would prefer if you kept everything SFW since aging up is very risky if you aren't careful (you'll be happy to know I do not age them up for sexual reasons) , and while Bowser Jr and Toadette's sexual relationship is apart of the AU, it is best it to be kept on a website for a more mature audience, as I know from a personal standpoint there are people out there who would find it disgusting regardless if they're aged up. So to not be dealt with drama or accusations I please request the AU to be kept SFW on this website.

Character references and more information about my AU are down here in the desc, check it out when you have some time.

Bowser Jr :http://fav.me/dd8r3fp

Toadette : http://fav.me/dcd7xx6

Phoenix/Koopa T : http://fav.me/dcjg17j

Bubbles : http://fav.me/dck3rsu

Blaise : http://fav.me/de1wqbg

*It is noted in this AU the world is heavily based off of Mario and Luigi Paper Jam with thier world mostly being based off NSMBWU.

Bowser Jr and Toadette's shipping name is Juniorette!

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Hi there, there's a secret spider going around. Here's the journal if you're interested.

hiya uwu i love your art style; it's so adorable <3

do you do art trades? it’d be awesome to do one with you uwu

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How did you set the animated avatar on your DA profile pic? (I've tried setting it on my profile pic before but it always said that the pic should be 50x50)

50 x 50 should be the dimensions of the gif file in order for it work. It's basically the width and height of the image. It's pretty easy to resize