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Life with Organization XIII: Part VI
“Wow, this looks dreary as heck,” you said, looking around the plain white area that is Castle Oblivion. “How could anyone be drawn to this place? Heck, I don't even think Sora would find this place interesting!”
“Well, it's big and... unusual, I guess?” Axel replied, shrugging. “I don't know. But Marluxia will get Sora here somehow with some crazy way.”
“I hope so, I want to leave already,” you sighed, slouching as you did so. “Are the others coming or what?”
As if on cue, various members warped into the area that you were currently in looking as cheery as they always are (sarcasm intended) and dumping their luggage on the floor-Marluxia and Larxene having considerably more than the rest.  Pretty much everyone looked unimpressed with the room and how it looked.
“Wow, doesn't everyone look bright and cheery on this fine day?” Axel asked sarcastically, giving a small smirk to you at the end of his q
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Life with Organization XIII: Part V
In the meeting room place...
“I assume you are all familiar with our plan that will be occurring at Castle Oblivion,” Xemnas stated from his high seat. “I have decided who will be going on this mission so you may want to listen Axel.”
Xemnas glared at Axel who was constantly banging his head against the back of his seat out of boredom, causing Axel to give a small huff before reluctantly half-listening  to what Xemnas says.
“Marluxia will be in charge of the mission with Larxene, __, Vexen, Lexaeus, Zexion and Axel supporting him. The rest of you will stay here and continue with your normal missions.”
“Aww,” Demyx moaned. “But I wanted to go too! I would have been able to play my sitar (since there is more space) without people moaning at me to be quiet.”
“You can take my place if you want, water boy,” Axel sighed. “I would honestly rather stay here and continue doing nothing.”
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Life with Organization XIII: Part IV
A few days later, you managed to get back on track and were given missions again. Some were still a bit weary for your well-being in case you fell unconscious again. You had just finished your mission of getting rid of some more Heartless and were on your way back to your room when you heard:
“Which bloody twit decided to dye my hair rainbow?!” Luxord screeched from down the hall.
You guessed that he had just woken up from another drink fest of rum and playing poker, as usual. So, casually walking towards your bedroom door, you slowly opened it and made your way in.
You turned to see Luxord fuming yet you couldn’t take him seriously because of his hair with red on his right going through to purple on his left; even his beard had been dyed.
“Did you do this?” he asked.
“No, I wasn’t even here for the past few hours,” you replied.
“Who did this then?”
“I don’t know! I wasn’t here!”
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Slight!Fili/Kili x Reader-Damn Water
Note: If you have not watched the Desolation of Smaug or not read ‘The Hobbit’, I suggest you don’t read this unless you don’t really care about spoilers. Also there’s about one swear in this so...yeah
In the land of Mirkwood...
“Why am I locked up in here?” you asked the other dwarves who were locked in different cells to you.
“Because elves hate dwarves and see us as trespassing on their land,” Dwalin replied bitterly.
“Which is why I don’t understand why I’m here: because I’m not a freaking dwarf!”
“You’re still going on about that!” another dwarf moaned; you weren’t sure who it was exactly because of how voices echoed around the room. “We’re a group of about a dozen dwarves, a hobbit and a human who can somehow change her height. I think you could be mistaken for one of us. Either way, we’re stuck in here for the rest of our lives.”
“Wait, where
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Germany x Reader x Italy:The Price (Part 1)
Note for those who actually read this:
This is based off of the first ending of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky with Italy/Feliciano being the partner of the player in the game and Germany/Ludwig being the player’s best friend from the future, Grovyle (as the player is from the future too) but it does not mean he is actually a Grovyle; he just represents the Grovyle from the game. Also in this story, unlike the game, the player/reader will not have transformed into something else (e.g. from human to pokémon) for the sake of the story. For those of you who have no idea as to what I’m talking about, just ignore this.
“Huff... huff... How much further?” you whined, dragging yourself up a very steep hill.
“It shouldn’t be too far now,” Ludwig sighed from behind you. “Just keep leading on.”
“How can I when I don’t even know where we’re going?” you growled, turning your head slightly towards
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Thorin x Reader : Stand On Your Own
You sat on the roof of one of the villagers’ houses in Dale taking in the view of Erebor. The sun was shining down on you with the sounds of the bustling city to accompany it; it was on days like these where you would have been content with just lying there, doing nothing. Unfortunately, the folk of Durin would wonder where you were if you stayed for too long; the reason for this was that they decided to take you in after your parents went missing when you were in your mid-teens. You already knew the Kings grandson well so you didn't have to worry too much at being introduced to strangers with him around. You never knew what happened to your parents and you didn't know if anyone else knew or not; by now, you had accepted the fact that you would probably never find out and focused on the life you had now.
Getting up from your sitting position, you proceeded to jump off of the building that used to be your home and walk through the busy streets towards your 'sanctuary'. It was a so
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Life with Organization XIII: Part 3
~Axel’s POV~ Flashback
Xemnas began talking about the new nobody that had been found recently. I put my cheek in my hand as I stared at nothing in particular. I already had the talk about the new kid from Saix earlier so I didn’t see the point in listening. My eyes scanned around the room, trying to find something that might be the slightest bit interesting and my eyes rested on __.
I frowned slightly when I saw her; she seemed to be in pain and was trying not to show it. I would have said something but talking over the Xemnas was unheard of and I did not want to find out what would happen if I did. I resorted to looking around the room, occasionally taking a glimpse at __ who didn’t seem to be getting any better; she was now holding a hand to her head. I wondered if anyone else noticed but most of the others had their hoods up so I couldn’t tell. I looked up at Xemnas and was surprised that he didn’t notice that __ was in pain; either that or he pretended
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Life with Organization XIII: Part 2
Whining slightly, you opened your eyes to be greeted with a blinding white light. Blinking rapidly, you were hoping that you hadn’t damaged your eyesight as you struggled to see where you were. Catching you by surprise, you suddenly regained your vision and realised that you were in the Radiant Garden.
‘How did I get here?’ you thought to yourself.
Turning rapidly, you looked around the courtyard (I don’t know what to call it okay! The place where Ven meets people like Lea, Isa and Ienzo and where Aqua fights Terranort etc) in the hopes of finding some clue as to why you were there. You were about to move elsewhere when you realised that you could just teleport back to headquarters; the problem was, you tried but nothing happened.
“The hell...?” you muttered, glaring at the spot where the portal was supposed to appear. “What kind of joke is this?”
Eventually giving up, you slid your hands down your face as you tried to think of how to get
:iconhfsiad:hfsiad 22 2
Life with Organization XIII(Reader-Insert): Part 1
You wake up in the morning (really? No kidding?) to the normal white, spotless ceiling along with the rest of walls in your room. Sighing, you shift to look out of your wide window to your left to see a bit of the vast castle you lived in and darkness outside. Other than your window and a desk of drawers by your bed, there was not anything interesting about your room.
‘One day, I’ll get my heart back. I need to know what it’s like to experience joy and sadness one more time...’
Having a few nostalgic moments to yourself, you finally stood up and walked out of your room to get something to eat. Whilst you walked through corridors you had become so accustomed to, you tried to think about your past as a Somebody... Nothing. You could remember how you felt going through different emotions such as anger, happiness and jealousy; but you couldn’t remember any of your memories. You had a feeling that a few members of the Organization knew who you were before you l
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America x Reader, We'll Meet Again-Part 3 by hfsiad America x Reader, We'll Meet Again-Part 3 :iconhfsiad:hfsiad 12 5 America x Reader: We'll Meet Again-Part 2 by hfsiad America x Reader: We'll Meet Again-Part 2 :iconhfsiad:hfsiad 11 7 America x Reader: We'll Meet Again-Part 1 by hfsiad America x Reader: We'll Meet Again-Part 1 :iconhfsiad:hfsiad 44 5


A spy is amongst us... by Bon243 A spy is amongst us... :iconbon243:Bon243 60 6
Secrets (Cheating!Levi x Reader) Part two

It had been three months since Levi had busied himself with meeting Petra and Hanji. At first it had been just slipping away after meetings, or getting together in the office. But now it was more frequent, much so that you hardly saw him during the nighttime anymore. Levi would insist that he had to work overtime, and you wanted to believe him, you really did. But something inside of you told you it was a lie. Nothingless, you stayed by his side and loved him more than anybody else in the world could.
The day was December 19th, it was a chilly
:iconpurplemonkey17:Purplemonkey17 417 384
World Academy Sim Date {Hetalia Sim Date} by SodaCat17 World Academy Sim Date {Hetalia Sim Date} :iconsodacat17:SodaCat17 2,283 2,362 Drocell by RedCorpse-Dezzer Drocell :iconredcorpse-dezzer:RedCorpse-Dezzer 143 34 Milotic by futarinokizuna Milotic :iconfutarinokizuna:futarinokizuna 733 13 Comm: She Sings for The Sunset by futarinokizuna Comm: She Sings for The Sunset :iconfutarinokizuna:futarinokizuna 1,673 65 Salute your Commander, Corporal! by AVATAR-designs
Mature content
Salute your Commander, Corporal! :iconavatar-designs:AVATAR-designs 261 88
'Just Be' [Jean x Tsundere!Reader] - Part 40
---'Just Be': Part 40---
In the early morning, the recruits of the 104th Training Division assembled over breakfast. By now, all of them had gotten used to life and daily routine in the legion. Barely anyone spoke of Trost anymore. With the expedition less than a week away, everyone was determined to set their sights forward. Who had time to harbor regrets about the past, when the fight was far from over?
That said, the mood was cheerful as the young Cadets gossiped over their morning meal. As the moments of peace grew fewer and farther in between, everyone wanted to make the most of what time they had left.
"Is this supposed to make us full? I was hoping they'd give us a bigger portion," Sasha pouted, staring at her plate and poking at the contents with her fork. "I can't feel anything hitting the inside of my stomach. Why can't they give us a little more meat, like they did on the first day?"
She sighed wistfully, mouth watering at the memory.
"Be positive," Reiner growled. "They're
:iconcherrypikkins:cherrypikkins 97 96
Source by kil1k Source :iconkil1k:kil1k 22,777 2,622
HetaliaxAdhd!Asperger!Reader Part 7
HetaliaxAdhd!Asperger!Reader Part 7
"Here's my room" Ivan smiled opened the door for you to step in. It looked like any other hotelroom. A bed, wardrobe and a bathroom. You stepped in and looked around.
"Don't worry you will get your own room soon" Ivan smiled sensing that you felt a little uncomfortable since you didn't know him very well.
You nodded and sat down on the bed and placed your bag down next to it. Ivan took his cover and placed it on the floor along with some pillows. You looked at him confused and asked "What are you doing?" Looking down
"I figured that you should take the bed, you are my little guest" Ivan smiled, wait, hold on! You didn't want him to care for you enough to have the bed all by yourself. You didn't want to be a bother and in that case it would be you who should sleep on the floor.
"How..about we share it?..The bed" You suggested, it was his bed after all and the bed was big enough for the two of you.
"Nyet, it's fine" Ivan said, you looked down to see hi
:iconstoneunicorn1:Stoneunicorn1 146 69
Lightning Returns: FF XIII Contest

LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII allows players to customize its heroine, Lightning, in ways the series never has before. To celebrate, deviantART and Square Enix invite you to design your own customization of Lightning in the first ever contest of its ki
:iconmoonbeam13:Moonbeam13 1,324 4,230
My Obsession (2p!Japan X Reader)
She would wrap me around with the gentle hands of cotton, but then, with the grievous emotions of leather. Her seemingly gentle hands were no where placed upon my pale skin, though. She wasn't anywhere within my sentience, but I'd insisted myself that one of these days, her (HairColor) locks would run carefree in between my finger. That one of these days, her smile would be what I'd awaken to from the nights curse and look over and see. That one of these days, I could look into her (EyeColor) eyes and see into her soul, being able to witness her love for me, like mine for her. And just for once, her name can press through my lips radiantly.
"Why would you do that to such a nice girl?!" I heard someone shout from the crowd, I being ushered by a swarm of men in blue. I looked over at (Name) who was, for some reason, being thrown into an ambulance. I didn't hurt her, rape her or any form of violence.
See description for full story!
:iconmaximosblack:MaximosBlack 158 49
Hobibt Week - Of elves and dwarves I (spoilers) by yourparodies Hobibt Week - Of elves and dwarves I (spoilers) :iconyourparodies:yourparodies 224 30 Thorin: Will you join me.. by MoonFangs Thorin: Will you join me.. :iconmoonfangs:MoonFangs 290 134 Oakentoon Special #75: All that is gold... by PeckishOwl Oakentoon Special #75: All that is gold... :iconpeckishowl:PeckishOwl 215 63 Oakentoon #72: On the matter of romance by PeckishOwl Oakentoon #72: On the matter of romance :iconpeckishowl:PeckishOwl 314 104




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