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Professionally, I'm a computer programmer for a large bank. I'd like to be something else, or at least doing programming I enjoy. I've been trying to get better at my photography, (www.hfcsphotography.com) and I've been sketching these weird line drawings for a while. I'm also working on welding a rebar arbor for the garden and a drafting table for my wife.

Basically, a lot of energy and interest moving in different directions, and not much time to REALLY put in the effort to perfect (or make money at) any of it.

WWW: www.HFCSPhotography.com
Blog: beadpimp.blogspot.com
Twitter: @BeadPimp
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I've posted two images of a ladybug on a bluebonnet, a full version and a cropped version.  I like the full version better, but I think the cropped version may focus the attention more.  So let me know which version you like best. (And i don't think the :thumb tags are working, but I'll try it anyway.) Full http://hfcs.deviantart.com/art/Ladybug-1-191702093 :thumb191702093: Cropped http://fav.me/d364u0u :thumb191701758:

Logo Changes

Logo Changes

When someone orders prints from www.HFCSPhotography.com, I create an image file specifically for the print size they ordered.  It guarantees that I can crop exactly the way I want and that I can make my logo/signature an appropriate size.  Basically, I keep the signature a given number of inches (4, I think) across, but only up to a maximum percentage of the image width.  So the signature is large enough to be read regardless of the print size, and doesn't get overwhelmingly large at large print sizes, but also doesn't take up half the print if you print a 4x6. However, I can't do that on deviantART.  And the default size of my logo on a ful

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pretendforsilenceProfessional Photographer
No problem. Is it actually smoke or liquid and dye/food coloring? If smoke, how'd you get it in the bottle?
pretendforsilenceProfessional Photographer
thats a verry difflecult process=D