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Sheep Man Weakness

By hfbn2
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Hello this is a picture where I show SheepMan's weakness.
His weakness is StrikeMan's Rebound Striker and not Triple Blade or Wheel Cutter!
This is how it can work. I think the ball is made of rubber and it gets thrown at SheepMan's face sohard so it makes it go deeper into his own body like this.
Enjoy X3
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Sheepman: GAH!!! Rubber!! My only weakness.......How you........Know?
That Fucking Thing Again I Not Found A Strikemanplz But I Replace That Faggot Guy Results
:iconsheepmanplz: :icongreaterthanplz: :iconiamsheepman:
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This... this is pretty close to how it works in reality.
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Mega Man: EAT BASEBALL, EVILDOER! D:< *hits him in the face*
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SheepMan: BAAAHH!!!
My Face!!!
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*pew pew pew pew pew...*
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SheepMan: Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Plz stop i, OUCH!
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*steals his weapon*
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Sheep: Hey! I need that wool to stay warm!
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*gives him new wool and the Roboenza cure*
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SheepMan: Whats this? And what do you expect me to do?
Stick it into my face?
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That's surprising, lol.

Amusing too!
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Yeah really XD
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You've got Mareep!

Rebound Striker is exactly a Poke Ball! The icon is nothing but a
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Yes I know about that joke X3
But I can think in other ways XD
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i still like this theory better lmao:
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Damn, you beat me to it.
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What do you mean by that?
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I was put Sheepman's real weakness since I saw it ahead of everybody else.
But I was too slow and busy.
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The way you explain it makes more sense to me.
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