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harddisk multiset

By hezral
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Finally found some time to upload this.
ICNS, PNG and Resource Forks included.

Enjoy :)

If anyone wants a customize glyph, shoot me a note or comment. I'll generate the glyphs so it has the same perspective as the other icons.

Edit: Forgot the generic type icon. Re-uploaded.

Edit: Get the new release of this set from here…
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Wonderful set. Any chance of adding "Network Share" icon (I'm still using default blue one):

2019-01-29 1253 by aik099  


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Get the new release from the link in the description!
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WOW! I can't believe this set is still being used!! I've taken a hiatus on icon design but i think i'll start with this set by updating it to the latest buzzwords. Stay tuned guys!
Lovely drive icons. 
Amazing icons!

How about one for Windows 10?
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This set is incredible. 
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Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing!
These are outstanding! Could you design one with the Thunderbolt image in the icon. A big fat Thunderbolt image like the FireWire image. I just switched the blank yellow-orange TB icon for the icon with an X in it and it looks really cool, but I would like to recognize my Thunderbolt drive with an icon containing the Thunderbolt image.

To open the icns file with a Mac use IconDroplet. It's a free app and you just Copy and Paste from the Get Info window of the image that is placed on your Desktop.

Thanks from someone with no artistic talent,

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wow mate those a great looking icons so simple yet so genious :)
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best set i ever seen, apple must use this too ;-) perfectly aligned with stock ones, even on EFI boot screen
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Absolutely brilliant! Would it be possible for you to do one with the iPhoto icon? as that is the only one I need to switch all of my icons to this.
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Hermoso, simplemente hermoso trabajo!
Aquí está en mi escritorio con Rainmeter y Rocketdock y próximamente te lo mostrare en mi sistema operativo, espero te guste y muchas gracias!!! [link]
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Just wanted to say that this is my favourite HDD icons, I use it all the time ;D
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Truly amazing! I'm in love with it immediately. Request 2 new icons if u have time or when u available: "Thunderbolt" and "RAM disk". BTW, it will more reality if the connector can draw as two parts like real SATA port.
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Nice work, they are a great looking set of icons! :+fav:
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love it man minimal
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this one changed: [link]
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But it have always the same image, i mean: in 256 and 16 it's the same but more small, i think that on your first version: 16x16 was more square!! I prefear when it's more square for 16x16!!
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Greeeeeeeat!! :thumbsup:
Amazing! Any chance of getting a Linux HDD icon? Like a general Tux one, possibly a Ubuntu or Fedora... I want to use them for triple booting with rEFIt. :P
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