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My Bio
I am a photography student and I love creating art.

Current Residence: Stafford, TX
Favourite genre of music: Classical
Operating System: Leopard OS

Favourite Movies
Six String Samurai or any Doctor Who
Favourite Writers
T.S. Elliott
Other Interests
Photography, Digital Art, Sci Fi, Reading
                        Pony Pricing Sheet 12/20/2017                        7.5 inch Standing Pony    12 inch Standing        8.5 inch Beanie        18 inch laying Earth Pony                 75                                90                        65                             125 Unicorn                       5                                  5                          5                               5 Pegasus                     10                                10                        10                              15 Alicorn                       15                                15                        15                
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Due to unforeseen life circumstances I will no longer be able to vend at EQLA this year.  I'm very very sad about this but I've had a lot of financial things come up and so I'll have to miss it.... so I have these ponies available that need homes, with more coming soon! Derpy Hooves available here: http://etsy.me/2icQblf Pinkie Pie available here: http://etsy.me/2xFu7S0 Twilight Sparkle available here: http://etsy.me/2yKLFRS I'll be finishing Pear Butter and Tempest Shadow this upcoming week and posting them up, after that Lyra, Maud Pie, and Trixie will be in the works :) :) Thanks for looking!
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Making myself a list of plushies to stock at Art Squared this month. 6 Kraken 4 Cheshire cats 10 galaxy fox keychains 10 poop  charms 10 star charms 4 galaxy narwhals 3 Griffins Octavia Cadence Shining Armor Trixie Starlight Glimmer Link Pony Maud Pie pony Nightmare Rarity Snarky bunnies 10 kitty beanies Pusheen cat
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Hello there, I am hoping 2018 has been treating you well so far! :) (Smile) I was wondering if you were open to art trades currently? :) (Smile) 
Sure! If it's an item I have in stock we could trade right away, but if it's something I need to make it would probably be like at least a month though. What did you want to trade for?
Hmmm, well what is in your current stock, if you don't mind me asking? :) I can get something from your current stock if that is easier for you. ^^ 
Everything I have in stock is on my etsy. Heytherejbird.etsy.com :-) I took down made to order items bc I've been behind on orders and I'm trying to get caught up and ppl have been getting mad at me lol. I don't mind making other stuff it would just have to wait if you were cool with waiting:)
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Your stuff is probably expensive lol but I was just wondering how much all your sizes of pony plushes would cost for commissions?
Hi, thanks for your interest! Right now I am prepping stock for EQLA, so I can't take commissions at the moment but I will message you a pricing list! :)
Welcome! and yeah I can understand that, no worries! But thank you, I would like that :)