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Hey! Dude, I am the slowest ever. I am so super sorry. OKAY

I think if you're trying to suggest 'creepy' or 'evil', you've done that. The use of green and the spiders at the bottom of the image do a good job of conveying that there is foul magic afoot~*~*.

While you do get the mood across, I think it could have been pushed further. Everything here is straightforward - here they are, rising from this locket. The locket is flat on the ground, and they come straight out of it. What if this was depicted at an angle - like, if you'd shifted this whole thing to be from a little bit more of a bird's eye view? I haven't seen the movie scene so I don't know how accurate this is, but what if the 'magic effects' of them coming out of the locket formed a more striking graphic element, with twists and turns (as allowed by the composition)? What if it wasn't centered? I know you probably don't want to go back and redo the entire picture, which is more then fair. It's just something to keep in mind in the future! Sometimes it helps to draw a bunch of thumbnail sketches until you get something you feel is 'dynamic'.

Consider reflecting some of that green light onto the environment down there (on the floor and on the spiders). I don't think it would be too difficult; you could even throw that green on a separate layer and play around with layer effects if you are wary of painting it directly onto the environment.

The anatomy in this picture is interesting. There are some places where I think it's pretty good (for instance, their faces, necks, and shoulders), and then places where it's ineffective, like Harry's pecs (though honestly I didn't even know he had pecs, should I be surprised? Does he have pecs? Whoa.), his torso, his arms, and both of their hands. I assume you used reference for both of the actors' faces - consider using it for their bodies, too. Using a reference for things like Harry's torso would teach you more about anatomy than I could by nitpicking it. c:

I'm not sure who the female is, but her anatomy reads a lot better, if stylized (her body is smaller vs. her head than is realistic).

Harry's left (our right) arm down to where their hands meet is the thing that stands out most to me, and is probably worth correcting. I can't tell if you made his arm shorter so it could meet the female's hand, or if his arm is supposed to be bent, and the perspective isn't telling us that. In either case, his upper arm appears shorter than the lower arm, and the total length of the arm isn't right (usually a person's elbow hits between the bottom of the ribcage and their navel). I notice that you did this with the female; again, she's got much stronger anatomy. Harry's left arm has the sort of 'puffiness' to it that tells me you mean for him to be a buff dude, but again, reference is your bro in these situations. There is sooooooooo much reference of buff dudes on the Google. You will never run out of it.

Their hands - did you use reference? The IDEA is correct, that's what hands would do in that situation, but the forms aren't quite right. Harry's hand seems to be missing knuckles. If you did use a reference, don't forget about landmarks (bony prominences, hollows between bone structure, etc.).

Something I find helpful with hands is to draw them out schematically - you want to make note of all your landmarks, like all the protrusions of the bones of the hand/thumb (I do this with circles). That kind of thing can help you avoid both impossible hands, and hands that are missing landmarks/look boneless.

ANYWAY, thanks for your patience <3 Sorry for the long wait!
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KeepsakeDesigns Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much! Everything you said is absolutely right and I can see what you mean about the anatomy and the lack of a dynamic effect. I did use some reference for their bodies, but I don't feel like the 'gesture' I wanted to create came across very well. I will definitely take all your suggestions into account for future pieces. :)
Once again, thank you so much for the help! :heart: :huggle:
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