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March 28, 2011
UNDERSTANDING YOUR STYLE - 1 by *whitetrashpalace
(See also: Part 2)

This tutorial was suggested by by ~sweetychan and the following deviants:

`alexds1 says, "It goes beyond teaching how to draw and delves into the question of why we draw."

=NMNA says, "One of the most illuminating tutorials I've found on dA. What visual artist hasn't stressed over their style?"

*Sephiramy says, "Whimsically yet contemplatively written guide about the importance of studying from life and understanding the symbol sets used in our craft. It will make people take a closer look at their work and the world around them. The overall message is a great eye-opener."

*nayruasukei says, "Incredibly helpful for artists stuck in a limbo state, trying to improve. It brings science and philosophy into art, and it's wonderfully made."

*arsieiuni says, "One of the most well-made, intuitive and thorough tutorials I have ever seen."

*Somebodylost says, "It's helpful for artists to understand what 'artistic style' means. It gives insight, especially to those who learned to draw from cartoons, etc."

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Part one of my Understanding Your Style: Symbols, Design Pattern, and Anti-Pattern guide/essay-thing.

A lot of you already know about symbols and stuff - if that's the case for you, please skip ahead to part two!

If you like what you see here, please, share it with your friends. I literally put over a week's worth of work into writing, formatting, and illustrating this. If you like it, please support it! This message is extremely important to me, and I've been thinking about making a guide on it for a long time.
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Wow, a 2010 example of the Tumblr art style. The seeds were sown so early on.