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Here it is; the finished version of the WIP from yesterday*! :squee:
It's my entry to a small contest hosted by the german Let's Play-ers Gronkh and Sarazar, the theme is 'your favourite Dinosaur'. First thought was Triceratops (of course), but Wikipedia had some cool images of other subspecies of the Ceratopsidae with pretty-er horns and patterns, so I ended up choosing the Styracosaurus! (Which also has the benefit of being quadruped and bulky while it's also rather agile~ perfect.)
Getting a good composition was a pain in the *ss, it took about 30 sketches and the additional brain-power of ~Ilumeos to get what you're seeing there. Choosing colors and doing the dinosaur went very quickly and without problems (2h) though, but I'm not entirely sadisfied with the plants...they weren't supposed to be super detailed since the focus is on the animal, but still, a bit more...realism would have been nice. Oh well, practice is calling!

The results of the contest will be announced between 6 and 7pm on Friday -while I'm in Bremen watching Hamlet. Meh. Wish me luck guys! I can't even say how epic and key-smashin'-awesome it would be to get the image at least shown, even if I don't win. The thought alone akes me super-giddy, though I try not to expect anything. :love:

Comments are appreciated as always! :la:

Photoshop CS4, Wacom Intuos 4, 6-8h
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love the colors of this one it's so pretty