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Gift portrait for Isriana of her ESO character Meirami :3
It's becoming a bit of a series
Elder Scrolls Online has been consuming my life (and lbr to some extend also my wallet) but 0 regrets -Bethesda needs to stop making such addictive games. D': It's so fun~~ And gosh, the landscapes! The architecture! I'm such a sucker for TES *v*

:bulletyellow:QUESTION FOR ALL: Would you be interested in commissions like this?:bulletyellow: (Anthro char bust + ESO in-game background edit*.)
I have like... over a Gig of screenshots of all sorts of places and would visit maps on request if you want something specific (got all the DLCs). Yes/No?

*Yep, the background is a morphed and painted over in-game screenshot. I like how this method preserves the games exact graphic style/design, making the character feel more ~directly placed into the world~ than reinterpreting it in my own style would. It's more of an edit than a painting. :)

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PS CS5, Wacom Intuos 4L ~5h
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Very cute work, love the clothing! 
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Ahhh, I still love this so much! My blue-eyed little cat burglar :meow: :heart: Once again, thank you ever so much for this lovely piece of art!
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ESO is life great art
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Damn straight it is :D What are you playing (race/class)? 
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khajiit knight blade 

high elf sorcerer 
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Thank you! :>
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You're welcome 
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TES is lifee
and your art is perfection //w// <3
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It issss *v* :D
And thank you~~ <3
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