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Wew, finally remembered to upload this :'V
Last winter I was asked to illustrate the advertising flyer for this years Eurofurence (a large annual furry convention in Berlin, Germany) -a great honor and interesting first-time experience! I'd never contributed to any such project before or had my work actually published :'D
Thanks to everyone who was at EF and made the con the fantastic, dazzling experience it was! :love: I may not entirely agree with next years theme buuut look forward to it none the less

Photoshop CS5, Wacom Intuos 4L [30-35h]
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Absolutely incredible artwork! SO happy I found you through a journal feature, all of your work is phenomenal.
Your attention to lighting and detail as well as the time commitment to your pieces is incredible, stunning work!
somescarywolf's avatar
Ohhh i spotted the airgun from metro 2033 and last light! Now i remember what this made me think off
Heyriel's avatar
Hehehe, I find it super great how everyone has such a good eye for weapons xD Like when I chose the airgun as ref it was just because it looked cool, not because I thought anyone would actually recognize it :lol:
somescarywolf's avatar
I am a massive fan of metro 2033 last light and so i instantly reconized it, i first was wowed by the setting and the amount of detail that went in it, afterwards i was like "hey.... Is that? Airgun! Where is Artyom XD"
Wolnir's avatar
How can you be so stunning? That's amazing! I love every detail, and the lighting is gorgeous! Very, very cool!
KY0SU's avatar
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Bluetabbycat's avatar
What an incredible amount of detail! Must have taken you a long time to paint this! omfg 
Heyriel's avatar
Thank you very much!! :D
Bluetabbycat's avatar
You're welcome! :meow:
Keprion's avatar
You always make me want and just... bight your face off cause I love your art.
Heyriel's avatar
GUESS HOW I FEEL (especially when following your Instagram rn :'D Damn your work output has exploded, how do you manage to draw so much without getting wristproblems? Mine just aren't going away D: )
Keprion's avatar
>:U LOL :heart:
(Oh my gosh, my instagram *hides it*)
I hardly ever get wrist problems, but when I do, I do I take over the counter painkillers. I usually get them when working with pencils that are hard to put down dark lines because I press into the paper really hard. You may also have weak wrists- Have you tried stretching them? Looking up how guitar players relieve soreness from wrists before and after playing could help you a lot. I tend to also stretch my arms and hands a lot without thinking. Another thing is I work with a larger tablet that lets me to move my elbow around pretty well. 8D I do still get upper shoulder blade problems on my right arm (right handed) with my smaller tablet in classes, but I fixed it by setting my chair higher. Maybe try that? Or maybe take a break for a bit (you don't want to get carpal-tunnel syndrome. 8(
Heyriel's avatar
Ahh lucky! :')
I both stretch and have a big it could very well be the height of the chair :/ (That is, I don't have a chair but a ball for my back and over time it deflates slightly, so I sit lower and lower >>)
xDD Taking a break from drawing would be so hard omg *flail* -and oh, how's the studying going anyway? :D :D
Keprion's avatar
Oh, I heard somewhere that in fact those balls don't help all that much and that in-fact it's better to get just a really good chair or a stool with cushion. It can screw with your lumbar, but they sure are fun to play with. Oh I know, I agree, I don't think I can go more than a few hours without drawing. It's a horrible addiction haha
Studies are going good, sometimes I forget my homework though and I pay for it, by having it pointed out by my professor...
Today I found out my internet spazzed or something when submitting an eye study, so I had to whip one up in 20 to 30 minuets. Got a praise though for getting it done quickly! X"D I've also become more comfortable drawing people to, have an entire sketchbook full now of drawings and that reminds me I need to get a new one. Oops. How about you? Do you have studies? How are they going?
Heyriel's avatar
Yeah, I read that too, but since it cured me of my chronic backpains within just a week or two of having it, and I had I've been super happy with it for the past 6 years or so, I wouldn't dream if going back to having a chair :D Nothing but my own laziness stops me from pumping it up again afterall :P

Ahh, the dreaded would be the same for me. But awesome!! Haha, sounds like you're hella productive and that's really admirable...especiall with the humans c: I've been practicing faces too but i feel like a big clumsy baby doing them and the outcome is never satisfying at all :')
Ah well...I'm working ^^; So at 8pm I can usually only drag me to make smt for Inktober, thats 5/7 days wasted, but on the weekends I draw as much as possible! Currently mostly color practice and trying out different styles/methods. C: Very much wish I could do more though...but then also my graduation/final project is nearing so I might get even busier soon. :P
Keprion's avatar
haha, well if it's not broken then i guess no reason to fix it.
Ah, I'm sure you'll get it and feel amazing afterwards, just got to keep practicing! 8D
I wish I'd stayed with inktober... I remember seeing your stuff on instagram. I need to go back and see if I missed anything.
Aw, yeah, same, I can't do everything I want anymore cause of school. I hope your project went good and got everything done!
bigbulbasaurs's avatar
So lifelike. I love the way you do eyes.
Heyriel's avatar
Thank you!! <3
Kaishanborn's avatar
Since when is Berlin so warm looking! ;) Great art, by the way. How long did it take you to make?
Heyriel's avatar
It's rare but not impossible I suppose :'D The days during the con were quite nice!
30-35h I think? I painted it in one week where I did nothing else but paint, eat and sleep, so...yeah xD
Kaishanborn's avatar
I just noticed that you made it look like a swamp, which is accurate to the land on which Berlin is built. Nice detail.
Wow, the details on this! The anthro-critters are very true to the animals they're based on too!
What's next year's theme?
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