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Steampunk Robot

Steampunk pic for the September 2008 cover for GirlAMatic.

For style on this, I leaned on my experience from working with 17th, 18th, and early 19th century British satirical etchings and engravings. I let the brush go off on its own a little bit, and I deliberately off-sized the halftone so when I shrunk it, it would get a moire which might look a little like mezzotint.
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Check out what i made. I was inspired by this drawing.

Hope you like it =D

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Ha! That's cool! Would you mind posting a link to this drawing in the description under your awesome 3D model?
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Seems fair enough :)

Consider it done .
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Excellent. If only we had had Flash server bots in 17th century Britain, life would have been so much easier.