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Red Swan, Maiden Aspect

The Red Swan is about as close as I'll go to deities in Knights of the Shroud. Way back when I started I decided the fantasy physics in the story just don't allow supreme omniscience and/or omnipotence. Having pantheons and priests and all that isn't anything I'm interested in getting into with this story, so I've left out gods and goddesses and culture-wide religions and all that. But there a few legendary beings here and therethat transcend the understanding of normal humans. The Red Swan is one of them. There are a few others. One are two are even sort of benign. The others, not so much. Or not at all.

If you saw the last journal, you might have seen this posted over at Knights of the Shroud already, here: [link] but I thought DA would like this one too, so, cross posting. All pencil on moleskine paper, slightly enlarged here, and just a little photoshop to adjust the contrast.
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