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Mai Loves Zuko

My friend :iconaliwildgoose: suggested I ship Mai and Zuko from Nickelodeon's Avatar: The Last Airbender.


I figure Zuko is the kind of guy who wouldn't be able to relax much and would keep his eyes open. At least until told to stop on threat of no-more-kisses. Plus, he is surprised. By kisses. THAT'S RIGHT, I DREW KISSING.

Also, I dude-ed up Zuko's neck, because Zuko is SUCH a dude.


More Avatar: Jet & Zuko
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why would he wanna miss such a great view, Mai?
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haha you duded up his neck
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Description is made of much win. XD

As is the picture itself.
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Heh heh. Thanks!
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Never watched the show, but the picture is great =)
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It is a fun show. Worth watching a few if you can borrow the DVDs from someone.
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D: My eyes were open 80% of the times I was kissing... cuz when that nagging voice in your head tells you to friggin close them, you're compelled to keep them open. *le dork* lol

Very cute! Zuko's expression is great! And I see his shirt is open? >;]
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xD Oh, Zuko.
Come to think of it, why don't they teach kissing in firebending classes? Seems like an essential life skill to me. ^^
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I think maybe that between applied firebending, destructive firebending, history of firebending, death lightning, industrial mechanics & engineering, and airship pilotry, they just couldn't squeeze it in.
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Tsk! They need to get their priorities straight. xD Kissing > airships.
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Heh! That's cute :) Would it be alright if I add it to :iconunder-the-apple-tree:?
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Yeah, that's cool. Thanks for checking. Glad you like the pic.

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As much as this pick made me lol(there were many lols), I couldn't help but notice you kept Mai in her normal outfit and Zuko in his beach one... or, that's what it looks like to me. xD

Also: LOL at the "chibis" at the bottem. :XD:
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Yeah, I wasn't 100% sure which outfit to put her in, so I went for this one. I actually had a devil of a time finding screencaps to refer to for their costumes and stuff, despite google. Still, glad for the lols. Thanks.

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You may be Prince of the Fire Nation, Zuko....but you're also the King of Dweebs

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Dwwweeeeeeeeb Zuko.
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I love Zuko's expression. Great pic! :D
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Hee hee! Mai/Zuko, yay! Cute. XD
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