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December 7, 2005
The perfect Visual Style for you is out there. area o4 by ~heylove may just be the one. Check it out!
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area o4

So here it is. loooooong over due. Unforuntly all I have to give you right now is the visual style and wallpapers. I've been so busy with life, I haven't had the time to finish everything else. I didn't want to keep you guys waiting any longer. A few things about the visual style. There's 6 color schemes. If your wondering why there's isn't a shellstyle don't. There is. the point was to make it look like there isn't because imo, they're ugly. Thanks StefanKa! If you don't like the first font try the second and if you don't like the second try the third. There's something for everyone. Here's link to dl them. There's 2 versions for each color scheme. [link] For some reason the link doesn't work when you press on it. Press the link and when the window opens with the error page just copy and paste the link in the address bar and press enter.

A big, big, big, thanks to mr. j3_concepts and the 4imp crew. They helped out a lot with this suite. I promise you'll have the rest of the suite as soon as possible. As always comments and criticism welcome.

Oh yeah almost forgot! Marius and Jared (j3_concepts) made the wallpaper. Just in case you didn't notice. =P
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davidbarcomb's avatar
This is really cool. Thanks
Dissonius's avatar
Hey erm, I really need help ._. I hate asking people and wasting their time, but your font is so awesome *o* Can you do a step by step, please? I beg of you x'(
jiggaman213's avatar
how do i change the font ?
ilham44's avatar
JamKing77's avatar
I still don't know how to use these themes without windows theme file
JamKing77's avatar
ok,i already have know that it is just for xp...
nrwsps's avatar
Many Thanks.
JamKing77's avatar
Do you knew how to use it ...?
plander's avatar
great vs :) may be dark style?
d3v1antartis7's avatar
very impressive ;-)
will this vs work on vista?
Silvel's avatar
VISTAAaa.... T_T
ryanst24's avatar
Love the preview. I'm on windows 7 and when i put this in my resources/themes folder it still doesn't come up for me when I go to change the Visual Style (Right click on the Desktop -> Personalize). Any tips?
robot-chicken-parm's avatar
hi. i love this theme its one of my favs i found it a while back. i dont know a lot about windows, but for some reason on the pc i am currently using (windows xp home service pack 3), area and other windows theme files only seem to work with vistamizer installed, which slows down the comuter considerably. otherwise they just open up the display properties window with the only visual styles available in the pulldown being xp and classic look. i was wondering if you or anyone who reads this would know anything about that. im guessing its probably somthing to do with one of the DLLs that the vistamizer installer edits. thanks
Streetster20's avatar
Have you patched "uxtheme.dll"?
If not then you need to do that. :)
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Hey, awesome skin - I've been using it for a while. ^^
Is it alright if i create a steam skin using the colour scheme of this skin - and give a link to this and your profile.
T_T doesn't work on Windows 7. Top theme.
Heylove, how can i change it ?
what is called programmen to change theme?
and i can not find uxtheme patcher ?
Wonderful theme!

Thank you!
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