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Aesthetic Groove Icon Suite

IP theme included! The IP theme for #3 & #4 are the same so here's a link for the correct #4 Sorry about that. [link]

Visual Style // [link]
Winamp // [link]
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Wish this was a shell32 replacement.
khyronn's avatar
Link of #4 dosnt work :(
d3v1an7artist's avatar
very nice ..congrats.. I'll just take these and leave a thank you and a have a nice day
sensign's avatar
:+fav: because i LOVE the colors of this preview :D
SN37's avatar
Great icons you have, I love them! :aww:
hall3r's avatar
so simple, i like it. :)
Antigilbert's avatar
Can someone reup part 4, the link isn't working :[
burroughs688's avatar
Amazing, but could you post png's sometime for objectdock/rocketdock users?
valuezero's avatar
great icon.. .
sleepsEnd's avatar
awesome work =)

can u post #4 again please :(
sujanan's avatar
ummm...u've spelled "aesthetic" wrong on the preview man... :P
Pathard's avatar
Awesome icons, keep it up! :D
Which program do i have to use to install them?
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ok. i got a problem with installing this. i got windowblinds and it doesnt work. i tried doubleclicking on all the icons and it still doesnt work
shevadelic's avatar
that goes for the theme, not the icons hihi
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Retro Love man!!!

yeahhh! ;)
bufonrapero's avatar
jaja!! you are woman, it excuses! :blowkiss:

Peace baby :drunk:
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it's a wonderful theme. i'm a bit disappointed that it requires proprietary software to patch the icons, though. but on the other hand, i don't know of any free icon related software.
How did I miss this? agroove rocks my socks, Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I sure could use those #4...
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pls correct the link!! i need these icons....PLS!!!
NoLiMiT3d's avatar
The #4 pack still does not work right (Link Dead)
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totally frikin awesome.
this is DD feature work.
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