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Ready to Colour, Pre-Shaded Cat Pack

You need to have ADOBE PHOTOSHOP or a program that can open .PSD files to colour and edit them.

The file comes with each cat in a seperate folder within the .PSD. for easy moving. 
Each cat has 3 layers:

:star:A Lineart layer
:star:A Suggested Shading layer (delete and add your own shading if you like!)
:star:A Base Colour layer

I've locked the Lineart Layer and Base Colour layers so you can colour over them without going outside the lines. If you want to change this, just unlock the appropriate layers. 

I've been meaning to make one of these to try this out for a while now.

A set of cats that can be used for adoptables and colouring in, or to add to your own scenes. Whatever you like. :)

:star:Once purchased you can use as many times as you like. :star:

:star: You may change the lineart/ alter it as you please
:star: You may NOT re-distribute the original template in any way. 
:star: Please credit me in your deviation
:star: For use on deviantart ONLY. If you want to post offsite, please contact me prior to posting. :)

Thank you! Have fun! I'm excited to see what you make
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How much are they? I'm so low on points!
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Finally had the points to purchase these!!  

There is only one thing that I found, the cat in the center on top their layer for shading has been merged with their colour layer.  This isn't a problem as I very rarely use shading but just thought I should let you know.
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These are awesome linearts, I can imagine the bottom right one being Graystripe.
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This linearts are perfect! ;W;
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Nooo! :( (Sad)  One more lineart I must buy... I'll never have enough points for all of these Waaaah! 
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Awww. Well, when the mood strikes you and you have an image in mind that you need a specific cat for, you can always go through your DA and find whatever suits the occasion :D It'll still be here :)

Thank you! 
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Hope so! :hug:
I really must conserve my points. :'D
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