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Reading at Night

By heylookstuff
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Marceline reading at night!
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Hi! May I have your permission to use this for a Powerpoint presentation to be delivered to my students?
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Hi! I write for a magazine called Neon Gods and I'm wondering if I could use your art as the featured image to one of my monthly book review posts? The magazine "for creatives, by creatives," so I'd certainly like to highlight some good art this way. I would certainly link back to your DeviantArt page in my post. 

Here's a link to January's post (I didn't use a DeviantArtist for it) if you're interested:…
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If you are interested in licensing this, email me
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This is just fantastic. I love it.
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I actuall y just did that last night
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Umm, hey, can I use this for a school PPt presentation I'm doing on this poem?

UNTO my books so good to turn
Far ends of tired days;
It half endears the abstinence,
And pain is missed in praise.

As flavors cheer retarded guests 5
With banquetings to be,
So spices stimulate the time
Till my small library.

It may be wilderness without,
Far feet of failing men, 10
But holiday excludes the night,
And it is bells within.

I thank these kinsmen of the shelf;
Their countenances bland
Enamour in prospective, 15
And satisfy, obtained

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:O yeah sure go for it!
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Very nice! What program do you use?
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I use this awesome program called Paint Tool SAI.
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Ah, yes, I have heard many good things about SAI. I think I heard that costs a little bit of money, is that true?
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Yes is does cost a small fortune but, when compared to the price of photoshop, it's worth the money. Try the 31 day trial if you haven't.
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ahh, reading... the best thing in the world :)
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She is so awesome^^!
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Aw yea! this is awesome. Now I feel like making Adventure time fan art too haha :D
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