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Hey all! Wow I haven't updated in like a year? Crazy I know.

First - YES I still will be making cool clay art and uploading pics with celebs (especially of Doctor Who) so look forward to that!!! As long as I feel inspired, I will ALWAYS make art.

Second - ALL MY shirts are on a massive discount as I am planning to move to China, so now's the perfect time to order!…

Third - IF you want one of my already made custom pony, I am doing a flat $65 on ANY one I still have. So message me and paypal it to xmmack @ gmail . com
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Since I haven't written a journal entry for a while and wanted to jot down/share for my own amusement.

BronyCON - Originally planned to go one day but gone for 4. Helped out Enterplay's booth Thurs night/Friday morning and had fun shouting 'YOU GET EQUALITY/FREE EQUALITY FOR ALL' as I gave out the Starlight Glimmer card and managed pretty much the entire left side of the booth. It was weird not being staff or a 'full artist' but it did give me a chance to run around the con. I helped a friend who had a leg injury get her autographs/photo ops. Briefly said hi to EileMonty (1st person I saw Thurs) Andrea, Larson, Nicole (who gave me a wink and nod due to our 'history'), Amy Keating Rogers, John DeLancie, and actually talked quite in depth with Heather Neuffer and Tony Fleecs. Got to see a few hilarious panels like MontyPanel on Sun, Mad Libs with VIPs, WHooves Line is it Anyways, Charity Auction. Also almost got kicked of Bronycon cuz some staffers/handlers thought I stole a badge, which totally wasn't the case and they caught the person who did :p. (Way to turn a situation from a 3 to a 11 people hahaha) Oh and I finally got to eat at Bubba Gump restaurant...but service was terrible and nobody explained to me the whole process. The NOODLES place I had a meal with Jessie and the Irish restaurant I had dinner with Igor from MyLittleTies was good tho. Other highlights include: briefly hearing Kazumi Evans sing Art of the Dress, getting tons of Enterplay swag like the Doctor Hooves playmat/cards/etc, and the brief room party on Saturday night.…

BRONYCAN - I took a EARLY morning flight and got on the LAST spot after a flight delay (extra leg room twice sitting at emergency row was NICE). I was Rebecca Shoichet's handler and totally rocked that job. I got to watch her perform with the Crebers and Black Griffon, sing with Ellen Kennedy, and share a meal with her at the VIP reception. I got to give a tacocat Sonata magnet to Maryke Hendriske and a Flash Sentry magnet to Vincent Tong! I also was SUPER excited to watch VIPs play MarioKart8 and it was I who suggested Rainbow Road...which Michelle Creber not only won but WON overall!!! (It was NUTS. I yelled so loud). Other fun stuff includes: making sure Brenda Crinchlow didn't get lost, 'swapping' VIPs, gettin coffee for Peter/Vincent/Rebecca, getting things signed for the charity (my Applebloom/Blossom shirts went for 40 each!), accidently going to the wrong room for the VA panel, the scotch tasting, the staff party on Sunday (glad I didnt 'pull a Skitters'), seeing the BUNNIES on the garden, getting a few things signed...including signing cards FOR Rebecca, Maryke, and Vincent. :p…
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This NYCC was ALL ABOUT AVATAR: The Legend of Korra

Thurs: Since I had a PRO badge, I had a tiny line to wait in. Managed to sneak into the VIP/Press area right before the showroom floor opened and then of course made my way to Enterplay. I was first once again and got the MLP card! Pretty much just browsed the aisles and said hi to any artist friend of mine. I also quickly handed my card to Veronica Taylor with my number, just in case she had time to hang out and catch up.

Got to see the LOK panel which was AMAZING. Bryan, Mike, and Team Korra (Janet, David, PJ) were there and showed Episode 2 Korra Alone (we all yelled KORSAMI a lot), a funny VA behind the scene, and concept artwork. Was also told that you needed a wristband to do the meet/greet on Friday, so I made sure I found out which was the Dark Horse booth before I left.

Friday: I was second in line at Aisle 800 entrance but still became sixth in line for the Korra raffle after running there. BUT I WON and picked out a red Fire Nation marble to meet Mike, Bryan and Janet Varney of LOK! I also got to the Hallmark Booth and purchased the super rare Xmas ornaments of Wampa and Batman Arkham

When I tried to get in line later, I bumped into Megami33 of SailorMoonAbridged fame and chatted with her while waiting in line. By the time we got up, Mike didnt sketch any more Appa since it took too much time, BUT I still got a poster and Art of Animated series book 2 (which I got the second to last one) signed. I also gave Bryan and Aang magnet and Mike a Sokka magnet. When I met Janet, she was surprised I was ready to go so she said 'please tell me more about myself" I told her my favorite guest star role she had was on MyMusic (she had a lot of fun) and then reminded her she fav my Korra Pony and that I had a handmade gift for her. She thought Pouty Korra magnet was the best and even tweeted it. Also got a pic with her and Mike. AND recorded me meeting her and Bryan. Then I recorded Megami meeting Korra! <3

With that excitement out of the way, I tried to get into the Once Upon a Time Panel at 4 but the line was packed and stretching 1.5 hrs before it started, so instead I roamed around and hung out with my friend Alison (whom cosplayed as Hitgirl last year). Later on I went to my friend Uncle Yo's panel, bumped into my friend Kristen and we both enjoyed watching his comedy genius.

As i was coming up the escalators to LEAVE, I saw LISA ORTIZ. We havent seen each other since the first NYAF, so we caught up as we walked. We bumped into our mutual friends and Bill Rogers. AND before Lisa had to dash, I learned of an after party at the BARCADE on Saturday night after 9pm

After winning the raffle to meet Jessie Flower (Toph) on the second round (and yelling 'Im going to meet to Melon Lord' loudly), I was pretty burnt out and walked around the con floor as Jackie Chan. I could've gotten into the Videogame High School S3 since I was there since 2pm but I decided to rest.

I was glad I didn't go home early because SATURDAY NIGHT AT BARCADE was awesome. I found someone's phone and when I tweeted 'Im a hero at nycc since I helped find a phone",  the guy turned out to be a FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT! :p Got to hang out with Sean Schmael (GOKU), Erika Shroder (whom I met before), Bill Rogers, Tom Wayland, and Lisa Ortiz. Also found Megami33 and JessieNowacking. LOTs of hilarity ensued with the VAs shipping wise and I got to play awesome arcade games like The Simpsons, Turtles, Xmen, and even Qbert.

SUNDAY: Megami33 was cool enough to let me and Kroze crash at her place. When I got in, I made sure I was in line around noon. I got to see the Marvel panel and the Women of Marvel panel, both which were REALLY impressive. But of course the real reason was to see the FAN AVATAR PANEL. They had a cosplayer, the person who made the Avatar Puppers, one of the people who wrote for the comic, AND Jessie Flower TOPH. She sang 'welcome to NY', did a live reading from Book2: The Rift, and even said her infamous 'twinkletoes' line.

I RAN out when they started asking fan questions so I could get into the line to meet TOPH. When it was my turn, I told her how I yelled out loud "I get to meet the Melon Lord" when I won the raffle and she totally said she should've brought a Melon. I had her sign the page that she read during her panel and a poster. When I gave Jessie her Toph Magnet, she was so impressed she showed it to her mom and we got a photo together! <3

I made sure I was the last person in line for Veronica Taylor and even let a group of kids go in front of me. It was nice to catch up with Veronica since she was so busy, but I told her I would see her at Rhode Island Comic con in a few weeks. After doing one more round and saying my goodbyes, I waited by the exit and trolled everyone with my HEY LOOK A SIGN
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I will be heading to good ol Baltimore for two consecutive weeks!

BRONYCON AUG 1-3: I'll be in the Vendor's Hall at Booth 611 RIGHT ACROSS from ENTERPLAY so there is no way you can miss me! Stuff for sale include:Custom Ponies, MAGNETS, 5 tshirt designs (including two new ones: Buttercup/Scootaloo and Blossom/Applebloom), posters, custom badges courtesy of my table helper Bee Chan, talismans, and some hard to find pony merch!

I really wanna give Claire Clorett a Bubble/Sweetie shirt and magnet, while getting Kazumi Evans to sign my Find the Music in You Rarity along with her respective magnet

Otakon Aug 8-10: I will be in ARTIST ALLEY Table Y103, sharing with my friend Crismas. I may also cosplay as Jackie Chan and Digimon Tamer Henry as well.
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Come find me in the Dealer's room of ANIMENEXT IN NJ this weekend. And also at the end of this month at TooManyGames in PA at the end of the month!
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Omgigoshomigoshomigsh…this has truly been an AMAZING con experience. Being the VIP handler staff member was nothing short of amazing. Sure it was a lot of hard work and exhausting, but the perks were SO worth it.


-Being Peter New (Big Mac) handler. Me and him go way back to Summer Bronycon 13 cuz I was the first person who gave him a gift (Big Mac Magnet). I was the FIRST VIPR to meet my VIP at the airport too. I was super professional, hard working, made sure he got to places on time, and we got along great! He even got me food and booze. 
- Meeting Catie Wayne aka BOXXY before her panel on FRI. I told Catie I liked her on FineBros Youtuber React and when I found out she liked MLP i liked her more! Then I realized she was boxxy…anywho I gave her a BOXXY Unicorn magnet and was sooo excited she tweeted it  . I got HUGZ and even a cheek kiss :3 We also made a cool lil vine . I think she liked it when I asked her to sign my badge as Catie instead of Boxxy
- Having complete ACCESS to EVERYWHERE…whether it is back stage of Main events, early access to Vendors, or the GREEN room that VIPS can just unwind, its truly a powerful feeling.
- Seeing Peter New AS PRINCESS BIG MAC. His applause was thunderous.
- Getting a free expensive meal thanks to Lance/Dustykat dinner invite to Peter of Thurs night. Peter, Emily jones, Solarc and I was stuffed with fancy schmancy sliced meet and FINE wine. (They had dessert but i was stuffed)
- Witnessing the WOMANLIEST hoof wrestling: Jessie Nowhacking (DJPon3) vs Eile Monty (Octavia)    I was sitting there with em when it occurred…Monty won but it seemed like she cheated! lol
- Reading the lil 'love message' that Peter New autographed to Nicole Oliver. I can't honestly comment on it. xD;

- Meeting all the Voice and Writers ahead of time so I can give em gifts/get pics/an autograph or two. :D
-Sitting between Peter New's autograph table and Brian/Bryanna Drummond's table. They got so silly whenever their lines were shorter than the 'bigger names. Also helped the Drummonds with photo opts on Sunday
- Having a nice meal with Cathy Wesluck and Nicole Oliver on Sun before they had to leave for the airport.
- The HUG from Meghan McCarthy. She always gives me one if she finds me at a con :)  
- Getting a ride to the airport on Sunday with Big Jim Miller and Jayson Theissen.  They totally suggested I should tell Bronycon to INVITE them ;)
- Nicole recognizing how great of a job I was doing and letting me know. It meant a lot to me.
- The High Society VIP reception SAT. OMG the food was SUPER tasty and I also got some Chardonnay…of course I also glimpsed at the HUGE bill since I was the first to arrive to help check on the room.

- DustyKat/Lance Party on Sat night with its free booze and fancy cake. Peter, Nicole, Josh Haber, Natasha Levinger, Amy Keating, Meghan, MA Larson, Jayson T, Jim Miller, Andy Price, Heather Breckel and Nuffer, were all in attendance! I also invited my friend Dashell and this amusing bouncy CMC cape wearing person who staffed autograph lines on Sat!
- Got to give Doctor Who magnet to Brian and Babseed magnet to Bryanna Fri opening ceremonies. Big Jim Miller got a Sombra shadow magnet. Before Writers panel Natasha Levinger got a AJ magnet and Josh Haber got a Rarity.
- Seeing Eile Monty again and getting a shout out at her panel on Friday night when I reminded her I gave her a gift at the last Bronycon. Also seeing her sing was pretty amazing too.~ 
- Lotta free swag like cards and dog tags from my friend at Enterplay, autographs from guests, etc
- Getting my friend NerdyMind a signed autograph from GM Barrow, whom she couldn't meet due to health issues.
- Actually having time to just hang out with friends even when Im working (both on and off the clock)
- Going to a few panels on Friday like the Catie Wayne panel and the Being a female Brony panel.
- Seeing Asheligh Ball again and reminding her how I gave her the Rainbow Dash magnet on her birthday during her Boston Hey Ocean! concert

-Getting to airport at 2am for a 6am flight to Babscon. Flight on my transfer also had like 3 different issues with the plane, but luckily we were only 15 min late than intended arrival
- One of the other VIP handler got on my case Sat despite me working SUPER hard. I shrugged it off since I was told that was her personality, but luckily both Peter and MY boss chewed her out 
- My hotel check in on THurs night was SUPER frustrating (Peter also had a similar problem) which didn't help given my lack of sleep on the flights
- Being SUPER exhausted on Saturday due to the non stop schedule
- Not getting a chance to eat In and Out burgers…I haven't been back to CALI in 8 years and I REALLY wanted it since that was what I ate in college. Should've went with the Drummonds before their airport ride on Sunday… >_~

Any who I be off to China soon (another 2am airport drop for 6am flight…) so comment away! :D
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So not only am I going to be at BABSCON, but I am a VIP Handler to one of the special guests! This is pretty exciting giving I have a lot of MLP con related experience and now I can finally help a VIP. ALSO my friend NerdyMind is allowing me half her table, so Im bringing a few magnets, customs and shirts to sell!

NEW people who I am looking forward to meeting/giving gifts/get photo opt: BOXXY, Brian and Bryanna Drummond, Big Jim Miller, Josh Haber, and Natasha Levinger

And of course it will be nice to see others whom I already met like Asheleigh Ball, Meghan McCarthy, Peter New, Amy Keating Rogers, Cathy Wesluck, Tara Strong, Nicole Oliver, Eile Monty, etc

I AM SUPER NERVICITED for this…I haven't been back to sunny Cali since leaving Orange County 2006.
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Yeah I probably should post that I'll be in the Artist Alley selling my wares…Specifically I am in the TOP RIGHT most island at table Y131 so see the map…

Got a few new magnets lined up, like Metroids and Sailormoon brooches

ONE MORE THING, I'm doing a special Shirt+Talisman combo on my Uncle Shirt. Get ONE talisman and shirt for $28
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* Doctor and Rose in MY LITTLE PONY:
* That moment when Tom Baker says FANTASTIC:
* Matt Smith 'sneezes' out Peter Capaldi:
* Raggedy man…goodnight:

So those of you who follow me (HeyLookASign) on twitter and VINE, know that I am VERY excited for the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who special! From now until November 23rd, I am doing something VERY SPECIAL.

MY way of showing Whovian pride is to use my custom Doctor Whooves figures and lip sync all the various teaser trailers that BBC have been showing. If you follow me, expect to see a new video every few days.

#1   I've had many different faces: 
#2   It's all been leading to this: 
#3   I'm a Doctor. But probably not the one you were expecting: 
#4   The moment is coming: 
#5   For once I would like to know where I am going: 
#6   Great men are forged in fire: 
#7   Things you WONT here on the 50th Anniversary 
#8   The Doctor meets his greatest foe..? 

And let's not forget all of my other Doctor Whooves VINE vids:

* You stole me. And I stole you:  
* Would you like a Jelly Baby?: 
* 1st Doctor meets 2nd and 3rd: 
* I'm the Impossible Girl: 
* There's an old Earth saying…ALLONS-Y: 
* I'm the (11th) Doctor. Basically. Run:  
* 10th meets 5th Doctor: 
* 9th says goodbye to Rose: 
* ALL The Doctor regenerations: 
* That which holds the image of an Angel: 

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As happy I am with all my followers that I gained over the years, I have more than JUST a DeviantArt. And most of em offer side perks too!

*Work in progress of PONIES and other clay figures
*Convention hilarity and epic moments
*Free giveaways

VINE at HeyLookASign
*Flawlessly hilarious voice matching with PONY counterparts (Like Doctor Who)
*Convention videos
*MyMusic React

*Occasional sales / even cheaper than 'at con' prices

*Pics of my amazing fans, occasionally with what they bought too!
*Convention table placement pic
*Chat with me and ask me anything!
I had a LOT of fun at this convention and even tho it wasn't as profitable as I anticipated, I still did quite well and got to experience all kinds of things. Want to give a HUGE thank you to everypony who stopped by my table to compliment my artwork, purchase something, or just to say 'hey I like your sign'. And shoutouts to some of my Bronycon staff friends.

Thurs: Despite the heavy rain and traffic issues on the 95, I got into Baltimore no prob and parked at the Days Inn (which worked out really well during unloading). Since everyone was raving about Phillips, I got some crab cakes there and it was DELICIOUS. Got into vendor reg at 4:30, which I was fortunate becuz I heard of the horror stories for the other vendors who came in the evening, and it was time to unload. This wasn't an issue for my first two loadings, but then security told us all the 'con building wasn't officially opened' so I had to take the LONG way THROUGH the hotel side entrance for my last loading :/...Anywho after I set up most of my stuff, I finally got to meet Pixelkitties officially and bought one of her Elements of Harmony book (my ONLY purchase btw). Good thing too cuz that sold out within 10minutes on Friday! THE BAD side was that my shirt guy screwed up royally and I didn't get any new orders or my new shirts, so I was pretty irked. When my hotel mates finally arrived at 9, I was thrilled to get back to the hotel to clean myself up. We all stayed up chatting TONS about ponies before going to bed at 1am.

Friday: Since I was already set up, I took the time to BROWSE vendors and chat up my vendor friends. When I stopped by the Enterplay reseller booth PackBreakers, I bumped into Dean Irwin the President of Enterplay! He was like 'Macklin! Come with me [to my car]" I did and he officially handed me the Bronycon14 Promo Princess Twilight Sparkle. So once again I was FIRST and Dean even posted my photo on the Enterplay FB page! I then totally walked around showing it off and being a total ham about it. haha. And right before the Vendors hall opened, Amy Keating Rogers stopped by my table to say HI and we chatted a bit too.
Untitled by HeyLookASign

When the vendors hall opened 30 minutes late (due to vendors and normal reg being 'line con'), I still got pretty swamped...and it wasn't until 1pm til I had a break! But on the plus side, Nicole Oliver aka Princess Celestia/Cheerilee did pass by to say HI even if it was only a minute. The day was honestly a blur but I got a LOT of people buying my customs, saw a buncha my friends, and even made some new friends with my fellow neighbors! When the vendors room finally closed, I def was laughing my way to the bank! I then ended the night by grabbing a Crab Pizza with my roomie Wendy and went to bed EARLY to be well rested for the big sale day tomorrow.
Untitled by HeyLookASign

Saturday (aka LEGENDARY NIGHT):
I was SO thrilled when I saw Maddy Peters walking by my table when we opened. She was the only MLP guest whom I haven't given a custom magnet gift and I made a Scootaloo magnet specifically for her when I found out she was coming. I handed Maddy her present and she gave me a hug!!! When I asked if I could get a picture with her, she said she was under contract (read: pay $40 to get photo with her) BUT she was OK with me taking a picture OF HER holding my present at my table!
And if that didn't totally make my day, not ten minutes later EileMonty walked on by. I ushered her over and handed her a PhotoFinish magnet for her amazing singing voice on PicturePerfect Pony. She gave me a big hug and we got a nice picture together. She even then bought a Bubbles magnet! ^_^ Suuuuuch a lovely person!
Untitled by HeyLookASign <=Now THAT is PICTURE PERFECT if I do say so myself ;)
Needless to say I was BOUNCING OFF THE WALL for the next few hours, infused with ALL the energy and excitement! That lasted me quite well until I really NEEDED a break (read: about to be sick) but luckily some nice brony handed me a bottled water. Walking around also allowed me to bump into M.A Larson (whom we mutually joked about 'doing better than LasPegasus'). When the Vendors finally closed (one hour later...much to ALL the vendors GROANS), I went straight to the only thing I was interested in: The Enterplay MLP card panel.

This panel was AMAZING. Dean handed out LAST YEARS PROMO RARITY and TWO ComicCon RainbowDash promos to some lucky fans. We then got a preview of a ton of new stuff, including 4 outta 5 upcoming promos, dog tags, a potential board game...and the new MLP Trading Card game codenamed "Frank." Every fan there got a limited 100 print tshirt too! Afterwards I made sure to get a photo with Dean and Gail (VP of Marketing) since we were friends.
Untitled by HeyLookASign

After meandering and bumping into a TON of my brony friends, I decided to walk towards the con hotel. I bumped into my friend Drew of Appleloosa con and he was the VIP handler for Nicole Oliver! So I talked shop with Drew as we lead Princess Celestia towards Bronypalooza dance. It was funny because when we got into the elevator, this female and male fan was very pleased. The guy was even 'omg I like you a lot...ahh sorry but I'm a little drunk' xD. When we parted ways, I decided to drop some stuff off at my car at the Days Inn. That's when I bumped into Dean, Gail, and the rest of Packbreakers at the local pub. "Mack! Come join us! You want a shot? A drink? Some food," they said so I JOINED them. Some of the highlights included: Convincing Dean to FINALLY get an official Twitter for Enterplay, seeing the protoype for the Smarty Pants doll, convincing Gail to have Enterplay vend at OTAKON next year, and learning what the FIFTH Promo card is (I haven't told anyone and WILL NOT). Afterwards I found my friend TallyMark (whom I always bump into) and chilled a bit before exhaustion finally kicked in and I went to bed.

I totally rocked the MLP TCG shirt today and it was all good. I briefly saw Brenda Crinchlow aka Zecora as she was leaving the vendors hall, but she remembered me and gave me a hug nonetheless. Also took a quick second to say hi to the Creber family too (it was funny becuz staff was all 'can I help you?' but then realized I was cool). Some other highlights included meeting another person named Macklin and this girl who dressed up as a Canterlot Wondercolt! After the vendors hall was finally over and I packed up everything in the car, I got to hang with friend Dashell, my vendor table neighbor Pinkie, and some other staffers. Then the search for food began...and I have a WHOLE rant about that. 

Long story short. After I ordered food, I asked to move away from smokers 5 minutes later. Waiter said talk to female staff sitting outside and she moved me. I waited but no food and it turns out the waiter cancelled the order. Needless to say I was furious, but luckily was with a friend so I just refused order. But on plus side, got to the Hardrock cafe to hand with Amanda and THAT calmed me down. Ended the night well enough before my drive back to NJ. SLEPT TIL 4pm the next day
Untitled by HeyLookASign
So just like last year, I'm going to be a vendor! I will be at table's a MAP of it I have been busy making TONS of inventor, like 115 custom ponies!
Bronycon 2013 Customs by HeyLookASign

SHIRT - APPLEBLOOM 'Learn Something'
SHIRT - BUTTERSCOOT 'Challenge Accepted'

1. Magnet Set 1 ($10): [link]
2. Magnet Set 2 ($10): [link]
3. Magnet Set 3 ($10):…
4. Pegasus Wing Pins ($3) [link]
5. Epic RainbowDash FULL magnet ($30) [link]
6. Derpy FULL magnet ($30) [link]
7. MLP Blind Bags ($7) - They are ALL 'good' ones 
11. Powerpuff Girls/Cutie Mark Crusader Stickers ($2 each) [link]
12. Powerpuff Crusaders Mini Prints - $5 [link]
13. BubbleSweetie TSHIRT - $25 each [link]
14. MLP Enterplay Trading Cards
15. Posters: $10

Custom Pony Inventory: 

8 Alicorns: $125 or 150 

    1.     Princess Twilight Sparkle

    2.     Princess Luna: O O O O O O

    3.     Princess Cadance


15 Pony: $75

    1.     Lightning Dust: O O O

    2.     Lyra Heartstrings: O O 

    3.     Lily Valley

    4.     Colgate/Minuette

    5.     Game Inspector

    6.     Spa Twin Blue

    7.     Gangnam Pony

    8.     Lovestuck

    9.     Rainbow Dash's Dad

    10. Firefly

    11. Kick-Ass

    12. Hit Girl


32 Pony: $85

    1.     Rainbow Dash: O O O O O

    2.     Octavia: O O

    3.     Octavia Ponytail: O

    4.     DJ3 NO Glasses: O O O

    5.     DJ3 Glasses: O O O O

    6.     DJ3 Ponytail: O

    7.     Wizardmon: O

    8.     Twilight Raven Sparkle: O O O

    9.     Trixie Alicorn Amulet

    10. Roseluck

    11. Bioshock Elizabeth

    12. Flash Sentry

    13. Derpy Scarf: O O O

    14. Derpy: O

    15. Derpy Ponytail: O

    16. Derpy Wonderbolt Cadet: O

    17. Derpy Wings Out

    18. Red Mist (Kick-Ass)


Equestria Girls Movie: $85

    1.     Trixie

    2.     DJPon3

    3.     Pinkie Pie: O O

    4.     Derpy

    5.     Sunset Shimmer

    6.     Flash Sentry


24 Young Pony: $50

    1.     Applebloom: O O

    2.     Sweetie Belle: O O O

    3.     Scootaloo: O O O O

    4.     Derpy: O O O O

    5.     DJPon3: O O

    6.     Octavia: O O O

    7.     Twlight Sparkle: O O

    8.     Rarity: O O O


    9.     Twilight Sparkle BIG


24 DOCTOR WHO: $85

    1.     Weeping Angel: O O

    2.     1st Doctor

    3.     2nd Doctor

    4.     3rd Doctor

    5.     4th Doctor: O O O O

    6.     5th Doctor

    7.     6th Doctor

    8.     7th Doctor

    9.     8th Doctor

    10. 9th Doctor

    11. 10th Doctor B: O O O

    12. 10th Doctor: BIG

    13. 11th Doctor B: O

    14. 11th Doctor R w/Fez

    15. 11th Doctor P: O O

    16. Rose Tyler

    17. Amy Pond

AnimeNext this weekend...I will be at 90 in the Artist Alley.  Look for my Hey Look A SIGN sign. 8) Have a map just in case:…

Updated my ETSY shop :D Please check out my new items. :D

Confirmed Artist Alley/Vendor Schedule for 2013:
BamCon: May 10-12
AnimeBoston: May 24-26
AnimeNext: June 7-9
Bronycon: Aug 2-4
Wow. What a weekend. It's hard to explain all of it. But I'm gonna write it ALL out. Mostly for my benefit. and maybe yours? Lol Read it if u want to see JUST want goes behind the con scene as a staffer/vendor/ninja with incredible luck. 8)

Thanks to Bee chan driving her massive truck, we got to the con Fri afternoon. Why? Becuz I was on staff and both us had vendor tables. After grabbing a quick bite to eat with Firemane, who does wood carvings/is our Medic/did BAP Sponsor plaque, we tried to help Kar Red Roses (A CO-con chair and our roomie!) the best we could. One memorable moment for me came when this guy asked me a whole buncha questions since he never has gone to a My Little Pony con and it helped I knew all the answers! :D

After a while Kar told me I couldn't be her #1 Assistant during the con, since she basically needed a shadow and I couldn't do that AND vend at the same time. No biggie (and total props to Brenden who took my place), so I decided to use the time to figure out EXACTLY where the Enterplay Popup shop was.

When Bee and I finally found the ALOFT (C Floor), the President of Enterplay actually was excited to see me. BACK STORY: First met Dean at Canterlot Gardens selling the MLP trading cards. He quickly dubbed me as 'biggest fan' since I was the FIRST person to get the Derpy promo card and Twilght Sparkle card at NY Comic Con. Anyways he welcomed me and Bee, but then ACCIDENTALLY locks himself outta the room with no wallet/keys/phone! Luckily his coworker Gail came and we all had a PREVIEW night! I quickly purchased a 30 pack of the wave 2 cards (choosing FlutterstareDiscord promo), the Derpy LUNCH tin (with card!) and Fluttershy box. Unfortunately Bee and I couldn't get the Pinkie Pie promo since the box didn't arrive, BUT Dean opened a few packs and gave me a free NON foil Derpy!

Once I got back to the con, I told Valerie (worked Registration) EXACTLY where Enterplay's shop was so that there be no confusion.  And after unloading the van, running some errands, opening ALL the cards, and going to the precon staff meeting, I went to bed knowing Saturday would be mad busy.

- S A T U R D A Y -
Since I was in the Vendors hall, I couldn't really do much other than VEND and therefore my Staff role was very limited. But I still enjoyed talking with everyone and tsitra360 was my neighbor. The great thing was that both Andrea Libman and Jayson Theissen stopped by my table to say hi. I reminded Jayson that I met him at the last NYCC thanks to Meghan McCarthy and I gave him a Pinkie Pie magnet! Jayson was very interested in my Alicorn Amulet Trixie custom. I also finally got my Midtown GANGNAM STYLE cover for the MLP comics since I was next to a comic distributor. Sale wise, I was able to sell both of my Babseed customs and a ton of Funko DoctorWhooves & Fluttershy.

I had time to go get Autographs. So I got my Pinkie Pie CUSTOM and the BAP card promo (which I had a friend pick up) signed by Andrea Libman. I also formally introduced myself to Jayson. He didn't realize that it was I who was the Talent Liasion/Fisherman that reached out to his agent to get him to come to BAP. Short of finalizing his contract, I was working with Jayson's agent every step of the way.

From 2-3pm, I had a customizing panel with Bee chan and Kar. It didn't surprise me that the projector would fail or that we'd have three people in the room since we were competing with Andrea and Jayson's panel. What surprised me was that we had an interviewer (I was gonna do it) and that Kar talked 65% of the entire panel (I got 25% and Bee got the rest). But that was cool since Kar earned a moment AWAY from the ConDramaLlamaSpagettiMonster. Overall we did give some good information and we ended the panel with a dozen people. One girl even stopped by my table afterwards for more information and advice as a rising newbie on clay! ☺

A Canadian mother, a teenage son and his friend was at my table trying to get autographs and meet Andrea. Since I knew her split schedule between BAP and Enterplay, I offered to walk this family TO the shop as she was doing photo ops. I got a nice photo with Andrea, had her sign the Fluttershy card, bought another 30pack (Trixie topper), and even won a free Discord binder thanks to Dean! As I was leaving, the son actually stopped to thank me for walking them. Later on the mom asked for a photo of me with her son so she could blog about it. Apparently I was their "guardian angel." That made me happy that I could help them get pics and autographs.

At about 6pm, I closed my table and suited UP after a shower to go join the VIP Reception Mixer. After finding the place, it was SO nice to just EAT food and share drinks amongst my fellow staffers. I did briefly talk with Andrea and GM Morrow (who does MLP books) before the "glue googly eyes on cards" guy came. I had fun also talking with Gail, Dean, Dean's wife, Kar, Alan, Brenden, Daria (photographer and Kar's longtime friend), and a few random peeps. Afterwards I meandered around a bit mingling with congoers and fellow staffers before heading back up to the room. I kid u not that after my shower, I literally fell asleep BEFORE I hit the bed. I was OUT LIKE A LIGHT. :p

- S U N D A Y-
I was glad I had almost a complete set of Series 2 cards after only opening 2 boxes. I traded around a bit to get the majority (except a few golds). But I was glad I got Princess Cadance (so pretty) and Luna foils instead of Celestia and Twlicorn. Con wise I didn't really have much to say but a few purchasers did make me happy. One person bought my Weeping Angel Pony and a Fancy Pants cosplayer bought my Secret Agent Con Mane Donut Joe! Dean Irwin of Enterplay also BOUGHT MY Custom RainbowDash. I soon found out the Vendor hours were cut by 2 hours, so me and Bee got it all out, I was free to enjoy the con AND return to being staff. I briefly saw Andrea's panel, but I had more fun chatting with Nerdymind (Vendor coordinator). When I saw closing ceremonies, I did get a bit miffed that I wasn't acknowledged and tweeted about it. Then I realized I was being ridiculous so I deleted it and my attitude became back to ALL SUNSHINE and ROSES. I got back into the groove and thanked our hardworking gophers and made sure all the attendees had a great ol time. I stuck a convo with one person in particular who frequents Toy Fair as part of his business, and the connections may lead me somewhere cool…I also met up with Kar and she gave me something that made everything better. A 1st place BAP ribbon for being her #1 Assistant

The STAFF party at the end was amazing. We did discuss business and after quite the commotion, we did learn how to raise our hands and not go off topic. Once that was over, it was pretty much one drink fest. I particularly was impressed with Colin, our head of Security, who not only is a really cool guy that now considers me a friend but man had some great stories on how he fits into the Brony world. I got to share a drink with Shutterspeed and we raised a glass to our 'shared responsibility' due to managing the ROOM situation. One of the musicians, Sm03rs gave a few of us posters. And oh there's quite a few other funny things that happened but that's just staff being staff and letting off all their cray cray from lack of sleep and overwork. *looks at Sheva, Haybuck, DudeBro, Ichigo(f), and Gabby*

Me, Kar, and Daria ended the night sharing a nice meal at the local burger/dog joint before talking into the wee hours of the night back at the hotel with Bee chan.

Overall the BigApplePonycon was AMAZE BALLS and I seriously would like to staff again if Kar lets me! Heck I may even choose to NOT get a table and just focus on staff responsibilities even if I did make two months rent at this con… ;) And even almost walking into the Fillies room rewarded me a hug from a gorgeous Twilightlicous cosplayer hehe
Going to the GIANT FRUIT EQUESTRIAN CON in Brooklyn NY this 23-24! Not only will you find me in the vendors hall with all sorts of new custom ponies (who will be the FIRST to snag up Ponytail Derpy I wonder...), but I'm proud to say I am staff as well! :D Prior to BAP, I was doing work as VIP Talent Liaison...inviting guests, talking to the agents, etc. I also helped out Kar Red Roses as her "#1 assistant SPIKE" and generally help her do a lot of the behind the scene con work. ANYWAYS the good news is that once I'm AT the con, I am free to spend most of my time meeting the people who come to my table to chat and buy stuff!

I have some mixed feelings about LPU. Have a write up! A LOT OF GOOD STUFF :p and have some PICTOOZ…

Wed: My bag was over the limit so I got dinged for it, which was ironic given I could've had another carry on. I got into Vegas in the afternoon so I was able to enjoy walking up and down the Las Vegas strip. I got to see all three night shows worth seeing: Sirens of TI, The fountains at Bellagio, and the fiery volcano at the Mirage!

Thurs: Knowing that LPU wouldn't be ready, I had a clear destination in mind: Gordon Ramsay BURGR at Planet Hollywood. UNFORTUNATELY all the roadways got blocked due to that shooting and I had to take many long detours collectively. BUT the food was oh so worth it. Given I was a fan of the tv series, I ordered the Hell's Kitchen burger and some Truffle Parmesian fries. and OMG they were soooo mouth watering good...especially the fries! After returning to the con, I set up without a hitch and even sold 5 ponies given that no one stopped early attendees browsing.

Fri: Friday was kinda slow and it was clear that many tables were unclaimed. When Sibsy passed by with MandoPony, I quickly asked what her favorite pony was and she got a DJ Pon3 magnet. The guy next to me and I also called out to MA Larson when we saw him! He was with Cindy Morrow, so I gave them magnets Beatnik Rarity and Rainbow Dash (and later on autographs).

After closing shop, I decided to wander around a bit at all the secret coves and found a way to go up to the Skybox. Unfortunately I got locked out so I had to take the long way…but this turned out to be a blessing cuz a LPU van comes rolling in! With Michele Creber+fam, Brenda Crichlow, and Daniel Ingram+crew! Since I recognized the Crebers from Canterlot Gardens, I offered help with bags. After seeing they were settled, I checked out Omnipony performance before heading away from the con. Then it was dinner for one with a Buy1/get1Free meal at Rock n'Ritas! I also played two adventure dome games and WON in beanbag throw using a free ticket.  Finished off watching a circus circus performer throwing plates on his head!

Sat: The free coffee coupon helped a lot. Daniel Ingram stopped by my table and I gave him a Pinkie Pie magnet. After selling a few stuff, I eagerly brought a good chunk of MLP cards to get signed as well as pressies. Andrew Francis eagerly greeted me and told me how he really wanted to go to NYC and Big Apple Ponycon. When I met Trevor Devall and Sam Vincent, I gave them an Iron Will and Flim magnet. And even tho it wasn't allowed, they took a pic with me for FREE (and I got a Flim autograph!). Then I briefly chatted up Markye Hensike, who plays Gilda. I told her that she will always be with her best friend and handed a Rainbow Dash magnet!

The pinnacle was meeting Tabitha St Germain. I told her how Im a big fan of Photo Finish and she even did the voice! When I handed her magnets of Beatnik Rarity, Derpy, and PhotoFinish, Tabitha totally teared up a lil and gave me a nice hug! In fact she returned one autograph voucher AND offered a photo with her tomorrow for free! She signed 2 Rarity Bronycon cards, Derpy foil, Wedding, and Luna foil.

I saw Red Talent's Ralph S, whom was open to a quick talk regarding BAP. Well not gonna lie but at first he was very intimidating and seem to stare down on me. I think he realized that and quickly backed up! XD; Then I talked with the beautiful Brenda Crichlow and got a signed photo with her and my Zecora magnet gift!

And of course, as usual, the FIRE NATION STRIKES BACK. At least it wasnt due to a glowstick in the lights...

I gave up vending, got up to my room, and suited up! Came right down and chatted with people waiting in line for the Charity Meet n' Greet Dinner. Then later while I was talking with the volunteer guarding the Skybox entrance [while standing like some fancy doorman], four of the MLP crew walked by and thus it all began…

Andrew Francis and Trevor Devall looked like they were having the most fun, with Andrea Libman, Sam Vincent, and their agent trailing behind. The moment Andrew sees me, he gives me a brohoof and says 'I will now refer to you as 'M.' When asked where the Monte Carlo rooms were, I volunteered to walk them given I was also in the same wing. While walking, Sam Vincent commented how I was very security-like since I looked around, paused when VAs met other VAs, and displayed professionalism. After taking them to the top floor and preparing to leave, Trevor Devall slips me a $20 tip! XD

When I return back to the Skybox area, I informed the Organizers and they were very grateful. When the volunteer guarding the entrance had to leave there was still the giant alcohol bottle some guy left. I said I'd watch it and after 15min, one of the people in charge let me drop off the bottle and GO UP to the Skybox. I watched a few of the concerts, found Haybuck and got into the LiveStream, and just enjoyed walking back and forth between rooms. Also irony was Meghan McCarthy, Amy Keating Rogers, and MA Larson were just leaving when I finally got access.

To close off the night, I wanted to talk with the talents' agents over Big Apple Ponycon related news so I took a hunch and was correct they were still at the MonteCarlo floor. I introduced myself to Jeff Zanni but due to an issue that had arisen, I waited well outside of ear shot down the hall to give them 'five min'. Then everyone was told to get into the rooms, and while the MLP Voice actors and agents handle the situation, I found my friend Starry who welcomed me with booze and mints! :D The rest of the night was filled with some great networking, strong drinks, and amazing cheesecake. The view up to was also quite legendary. As was the convos with Lee Tockar, Sherry Flower, Screwball, and myself over Carrie Wink.

Sun: Thanks to last night's VIP status, I honestly stopped caring about vending a table. And that was good since it got me a chance to finally get that picture with Tabitha [holding beatnik Rarity] and whole bunch more autographs thanks to the lowering of pricing. The custom ponies I got signed were Beatnik Rarity, AppleBloom, Princess Cadance, and Flitter (from Cathy Weseluck). I also helped staff a bit and briefly introduced myself to Caroline Young. Then all hell breaks loose and I had to scramble to get my table all packed up and taken BACK to the Circus Circus.

Due to how busy the lines were, the hotel rushed me to the VIP line. When I was asked to get a room that isn't too far, they upgrade me for free to the TOWER. At first I was glad but then I realized it was in the smokers wing...:/ The vents practically blew smoke into my room and covering em with a towel didn't help. I changed, went back to LPU to offer my assistance and to get a handle on the situation, before leaving to enjoy Penn & Teller tickets I bought. As far as P&T, they had moments that made me laugh or go OOOoohh but a lot of their 'explanations' seem too long-winded. It also didn't help I was in the balcony so it was a bit harder to see the tricks. Maybe my tweets were a tad harsh than needed! XD;

Mon/Tues: After learning how to cram everything into two big suitcase, it was off the strip once more. I went to Gordon Ramsay's BurGR again becuz it was JUST THAT GOOD. I had the same cute waitress and to mix it up, I ordered a Shake and a ChiliDog despite being skeptical. The shake was savory and omg it should be illegal how flavorful explosion that big dog was! XD. I also gave my shot at the dollar slots. Lost. Won it all back+interest. lost XD Still it was only 32 bucks so not too bad. And after a bit more sightseeing it was off to the airport for the red eye. Ariva derchi Vegas!
PHOTOS OF MY JAPAN TRIP (1000+ pics)… and…

MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL covering my adventures in JAPAN:

So NYCC, AnotherAnimeCon, and Nekocon were all alright I guess. Truth be told it was worth more in QUALITY than $$$ earned...One of the biggest highlights was that I got featured in The Guardian UK news…

After doing the 'con circuit' for a full year I decided to go on a trip. What better than GOING TO JAPAN amirght?!? I've actually been there for 48hrs before (should've been 72hrs but I missed flight) and managed to visit SIX places! Thanks to Canterlot Gardens, I was able to finance my ENTIRE TRIP for one and a half month.

TOKYO - Nov 15-20
Mt Fuji - Nov 21-22
Nikko - Nov 23-24. Known for World Heritage sites, hotsprings, and a waterfall
KYOTO - Nov 25-27.
Hiroshima/Miyami Island. Nov 28-29. Isles is famous for the Great Floating Tori
Kobe: Nov 30-Dec 1
Himeji: Dec2-Dec3
OSAKA: Dec 4-18. Known to be just as popular as Tokyo for nightlife
Nara: Dec 17-18 Nara park has a festival!
TOKYO (again): JumpFest AND COMIKET. Not to mention XMAS and NEW YEARS
Tokyo Disneyland: Jan 2

Would peeps be interested of mini recordings of my experiences in Japan? I can post on my youtube channel. ALSO if you are IN JAPAN (or visiting) let me know so we can meet up! :D
Heading into NYCC and gonna be a VENDOR all weekend. Find me with Athena's Wink & Studio Kitsu at booth 1078...there's gonna be FIVE of us so I may not be at booth at times, but u will still get ur fix of Pony Magnets, Jackie Chan talismans, and all manners of pony related merch! Stop by and support all us artists plz. :)

I'll be cosplaying as Jackie Chan for Fri and Sat. Just look for my Uncle sign...or my Hey Look a Sign! :p I'll also be walking around with my Miis all weekend: Jackie friday, 1MoreThing sat, and Jade sunday. Heck I'll probably be Gangnam Styling the entire weekend...
PICTOOZ… I'm now fully recovered from the con now and I must say I had a really good time, despite a few hiccups like lack of set up procedures for Vendors or how having an auction in Vendors hall hindered sales. Despite not selling that many shirts or magnets, I did sold 3/4 of my entire custom ponies I brought! I was even able to get the majority of autographs...some at no cost too! All the customs I sold def helped make this con more profitable that Bronycon...

HIGHLIGHTS in no particular order:
*Getting FREE dinner on Thurs and Friday night
*Gangnam style dancing with Andrew Francis and my friend Carrie
*Doing a '360' with my 'Hey Look A SIGN' sign near autographs and getting a wave of Ooooohhhs
*Giving Meghan McCarthy a magnet of her OC pony and her tweeting it
*Chatting/hanging with Amy Keating Rogers and giving her son a Soaren magnet
*Handing Michele Creber an Apple Bloom magnet
*Andrew Francis being SUPER excited once I handed him Shining Armor magnet
*Hanging with Peter New on Fri night and just bro-ing out whenever I saw him
*Drinks and good convos with Hannah on Fri night
*Donating a Filly Twilight Sparkle that Andrew Francis signed. It went for 70 to Kiki's charity.
*Got tons of Enterplay MLP cards and getting majority autographed...including Fluttershy promo
*Being the 2nd winner of Michele Creber's twitter challenge and getting free signed sunglasses
*Chatting and seeing surrealism art from Lauren on Saturday night
*Ending Sat night hanging with Tally Mark from Boston Bronies
*Chatting with Jenny from Friendship is Witchcraft
*Giving Princess Cadance magnet to 'One More Girl' Britt McKlipp and getting a pictooz
*Playing STAFF and line control during Britt McKlipp and Lee Tockar's autograph Sunday
I will be selling at Canterlot Gardens in OHIO at the end of this month. I haven't gotten my table assignment yet but hopefully I will be next to Athena's Wink. Here is a GIANT Inventory list of what I will be selling: IF YOU want to request something to pick up then send me a NOTE.

*Side note: Hoping to meet Michele Creber and Britt McKlipp cuz I gotz presents for 'em! And Meghan McCarthy gets one too <3

1. Magnet Set 1 ($10):
2. Magnet Set 2 ($10):
3. Pegasus Wing Pings ($3)
4. Epic RainbowDash FULL magnet ($30)
5. Derpy FULL magnet ($30)
6. MLP Blind Bags ($7) - They are ALL 'good' ones so Mane 6, Roseluck, LilyBlossom, or Glitters!
7. MLP Cloudsdale, PonyWedding, & AppleFamily 3 sets: 20 each
8. MLP Sparkling Crystal Kingdom 7 Pony set: $30
9. OLD My Little Pony Milton Bradley Board Game - Best offer
10. NEW Magnet Set 3: $10 each
11. Powerpuff Girls/Cutie Mark Crusader Stickers ($2 each)
12. Powerpuff Crusaders Mini Prints - $5
13. BubbleSweetie TSHIRT - $25 each…
14. MLP Enterplay Trading Cards: Individuals range $1-5. Also TRADE.
15. Posters: $7
16. Brushie Princess Luna: Best Offer
17. TRS Zecora: $25

Custom MODDED Pony: ($45-75+)
1. Mini Ponies of Spitfire, Derpy, Octavia…
2. ArtsyHipsterBeatnik Rarity…
3. Royal Wedding Bridesmaid Fluttershy…
4. Photo Finish…
5. Cutie Mark Crusaders
6. Doctor Whooves (made from Dash) and Rose TYLER
7. Derpy (made from AJ)
8. Con Mane (made from Twi)…
9. Asian Makeup Pony (made from BumbleSweet)…
10. Filly Rarity…
11. Trixie Lulamoon…
12. Lyra (filly and Adult)…
13. DJ Pon-3…
14. Muffin Scarf'd Derpy
15. Spa Ponies
16. 9th and 11th Doctor Hooves
17. Lily…
18. Colgate/Minuette:…\
19. Lyra and BonBon:…
20. Filly Twilight Sparkle…
21. Spitfire (Adult and Filly)

Other Inventory
* Magnets (ie. Scott Pilgrim, SmashBros, Digimon, etc) - $6
* Jackie Chan Talismans: $5 each or $45 set
* Digivices: $28 for regular or $35 for D'Arc