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untitled sh1t

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very beautiful. :love:
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wow, really beautiful!
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love it lol look like rape scene about to happen!!:iconmnrrapeplz:
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It's not rape if she orchestrates it, and that face just screams "I got this."
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the detail is awesome ^_^
beautiful, your work is inspirational!
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Wow beautiful work, I love her eyes.
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Oh, I love her dress! :D
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She looks like she's going to do something evil. THAT DRESS. :iconiwantitplz:
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This DRESS ...!!! *sigh* What would I give to wear something like this! ó.ò Your works are amazing, you're absolutely watched!
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this is so beautiful! <3
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She looks so...seductive. Like she's going to lead him to his death...
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Beautiful work on the coloring!
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She looks kind of evil... like he's just in love with her but she's using him. I like it. lol!
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This is really, really beautiful. You've pulled off the nightscape quite nicely!
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He looks drunk and she looks like she has plans for him ~LOL~
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Yeah, she is looking like a vixen. T_T
But in fact, this should be the first picture of a serie of 3. And the next one would be the guy she is looking at... and the elf were laughing on him. Buuuut... I grew tired of it. u.u Sorry
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This is soooo amazing!!!!!!! Why wasn't I watching you anyways?? O.O
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Err... I dunno. o.o

Thank you anyway!!! :heart:
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:D :D Lol, I showed this piece to my little brother, he's 14 and it's veeeery hard to get a compliment out of him, and he doesn't appreciate art at all :P
So he stood by me for a while, observing, and afterwards he said "She really painted that??"

Keep improving and being amazing^^
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The costumes are amazing !
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her eyes are powerful! I love it!
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