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Elleanore (Ellen)

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The Zodiac Series:
Bullet; White  Libra  Bullet; White  Aries  Bullet; White  Scorpio Bullet; White  Virgo  Bullet; White  Capricorn  Bullet; White  Gemini   Bullet; White  Pisces  Bullet; White  Aquarius  Bullet; White  Sagittarius  Bullet; White Cancer  Bullet; White Taurus Bullet; White
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Wonderful style! 

Yoirs faithfully, Geminy. :))
Ehsol-namu's avatar
Nice visual representation of the duality of Gemini.
MonstaiART's avatar
I think this is the best representation of the Zodiac you've done.
I love it :) 
bluesquishy28's avatar
WOW!!!! FOREVER speechless
CorpseRayne's avatar
As a Gemini, thank you for this wonderful representation!
atram95's avatar
Kachiuu's avatar
Eeeee thats meeeee
srobinso5084's avatar
same may rules
:) (Smile) 
MyNonsenseSpot's avatar
Being a Gemini myself,I love your concept of the zodiac sign.
Akatai's avatar
LOVE THESE.  But my favorite one is Aquarius.  Still love the others very much, though. xD
Heylenne's avatar
Oh, thank you!!! *-*
It's good to know this, because the Aquarius one is among the signs I wasn't so sure about. x_x Thank you for your kind words! <3
GenniGenevieve's avatar
The contrast between the two is beautiful!
Heylenne's avatar
pyradragon's avatar
I love this collection you drew of the zodia signs. I like the differences in the two woman in this. 
Heylenne's avatar
Thank you! I'm glad you like it. <3
NordicLynx's avatar
That's really cool :) Great concept
Heylenne's avatar
Thanks dear! *-*
chronicvillainy's avatar
I like how you've contrasted them with black and white here! Interesting concept for portraying the gemini star sign! :D 
Heylenne's avatar
Thank you! <3 I'm glad you like it! :aww:
Traumkratzer's avatar
Ah ça c'est aussi très beau! Chaqu'un des deux représente une façon divers du zodiac et de la personalité des personnes qui rentrent dans ceux-ci, et je vois aussi le ying-yang dans le motif.
aouk's avatar
Perfect work
iccir's avatar
Great Job!! I love it!!
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