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In my main project ("D") this guy here is a teenager. XD But in The Red King he's in his early twenties....
That's why sometimes I draw him very young and sometimes older.  XD Sorry, I know it can get quite confusing when you use the same character to play different roles, in different realities....

Oh my... Don't mind my babbling, everything will be clearer when I release the website with character info, faq, etc...

IN SHORT: Teenage Emmet (without his neck tattoo!) -  WIP for an artbook illustration. =)

(I'm not spending too much time on my computer 'cause I'm sick, so maybe I'll take a long time to reply msgs... Sorry! y.y)
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He's just so gorgeous.
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Stop it with the attractive characters please, thank you.

Lol jokes, never stop.
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Nice technique but ... Pls dont draw skaters with some shitty slim, how can you even ride without bending your knees true skaters wear baggy ( but i still think he's nice looking ^^)
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Chara 'Don't even think about resetting' Icon You can 100% bend your knees and ride a skateboard wearing those (i've done it) ...Also that's a Cruiser, you don't need to bend your knees that much cause they're not meant for doing tricks/jumping.
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Exactly. I skateboard myself and I wear SUPER skinny pants without any problems. Same for my friends. And many other dudes I see at skateparks... o.õ It's just a matter of preferences.

And sometimes I DO draw pants tighter only for the sake of drawing aesthetic, to show the leg curves/anatomy. And I love drawing legs.
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Wow...thats amazing
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Once again I am loving the char design!
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im in love with him OwO
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Awesome work on Emmet/Ivan, Heylenne. I love the way you made a street design clothing on him, and the colors match just right. The way he poses with his skateboard is very stunning as if he's waiting for something/someone. Keep up the excellent work!Nod 
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this is really cool, i hate that i like the hipster skater look so much
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That's why i love cool guys <3
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Damn he look like such a cool guy
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Какой парень, влюбилась просто! Заодно подписалась
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Now now cool character indeed. But what I want most are his clothes. I can pull that style off XDXD.
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His stance (skateboarding) seems to be "goofy" footed from the posture you gave him. Weight on left side, right hand lead.
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Well, he's not skateboarding... He's at a subway station, waiting for his train. XD (This is a work in progress -> X ) So... The weight could be on the opposite side as well as the hand holding the skateboard could be the left one, since we always alternate sides when we're standing and waiting...

But anyway, yes, he is goofy. And left-handed. XD
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How do you make the lighter part of the jacket look so soft in the shadows? I hope that made sense!
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I love the atmosphere of this piece. He looks like a very cool character. :)
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