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Beren and Luthien

By Heylenne
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I made Lúthien in the likeness of Liv Tyler, of course. Because for me she is Lúthien walking on earth. Every time I think of Lúthien's appearance, I can only see her, and when I listen to Liv Tyler's voice, I can only think of... Lúthien!
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Is she an nymph or an elf? And is he human?
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Luthien is an elf and Beren is human.  
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Wow! You did splendid job! Especially the flowers look great, and Lúthien's dress is really beautiful :) (Smile) And I like the light in there, it's really magical!
It's fine to see Lúthien as Liv Tyler since Arwen's suposed to look very similar like Lúthien :) (Smile) But I see Lúthien as Edith Tolkien, since the story's based on relationship between Tolkien and his wife :) (Smile) 
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That's right. Luthien was the inspiration for Luthien. She and Beren are the ancestors of Arwen.
When Edith passed away, Tolkien had "Luthien" engraved under her name. When Tolkien passed away two years later, his children had "Beren" engraved under his name, so Beren would forever be reunited with his beloved Luthien.
That, right there, is true love.
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I don't know about anybody else but I sincerely wish that some director would take up Beren and luthien and make it into an epic Movie.
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Aragorn and Arwen resemble Beren and Luthien but I feel like Luthien did a lot more than Arwen...........
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she did. Luthien abandoned her own people for Beren. Although, Awren actually did alot more in the movies compared to the books, like when she drove off the nine wraiths and told Elrond to remake the sword. But yeah, Luthien was kinda cooler. :P 
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The leaves were long the grass was green the hemlock umbels tall and fair, In the glade a light was seen of stars and shadows shimmering Tinuviel was dancing there to the music of a pipe unseen the light of stars was in her hair and in her raiment glimmering..........
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Beautifully done !!! I thought it was Arwen and Aragorn 
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You should google image Sean Young as Chani love interest of Paul Atreides Muad'Dib it's the Dune Messiah an other messianic story same as Silmarilion. Better, search for Crystal Liu Yifei.

Trust me, she's the real thing... look at her works (tv series, movies, music albums, music videos, tv shows appeareances and how fans are treating her). Trust me, from Huan who help them getting married.
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Has anyone ever told you that your work reminds them of Trina Schart Hyman?
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That's so cute and beautiful....
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I love story of Beren and Luthien ! And I thinks you're Luthien looks of description by Tolkien ! 
(Sorry for my English ><)
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Very beautifull!
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Their so beautiful! :)
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Been reading LOTR recently and I am in love with this picture!! Especially Beren's expression. Please draw more of this lovely couple! :)
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so beautifully done!! Excellent work!
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Beautiful! I have never read/seen LOR (Bad Geek, I know) but I really love this, especially the colors and her dress! I so want that dress
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Thank you very much! It's even better to receive good comments from people that doesn't know the story. I means you really liked the picture. When someone does fanart you never really know if people commented/faved/rebloged just because they love the movie/series/comics/game/etc.  =)
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Love your style
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