A Name Into The Wind

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A Name Into The Wind

Be forewarned sweet honey circles of the hive,
Or the cave moss deep underground mastering your lair.
And you too salty ocean waves that bellow from sea to land,
For I am coming for your immortality.
I shall drape myself in your behavior until
I and we are one and thou can no longer distinguish
Between right and wrong.
I will blend into nature as nature blends into me.
Evaporate my body from the air that fills my lungs
And become the breath of the land,
Immortally as one

Yet take to heart this forewarning gentle human beings,
For I am coming for you too.
Keep safe not the airy thoughts of man
Where the dreams of tomorrow are born
And the romantic nostalgia of yesteryear lies.
Because within thoughts I will plant seeds.
They will bare my life and revise my integration
Into the endless cycle of forever.
But do not worry about the jagged rocks,
For they are stubborn and words cannot reach them.
And do not worry about the lava,
For it is hot and my hands cannot touch it.

But you, gentle peacekeepers, soothsayers of the heart,
Whose admiration for the beating of the sunset
Upon your blanketed skin as it warms,
And cools, and freezes into the night,
Is a passion never fading with time only growing with experience.
You who seek the same connection with Father
That I have with Mother.
Realistically different but idealistically the same.
It is for you that I explore the creative rhythm of words
And the sound lips make when words
Explode majestically into the ear.

Long after I cease, when my bones crumble to dust
And scatter across the Earth, I shall still live.
I shall remain inside the minds of the gentle beings
Where my seeds will create a whirlwind of thought
Until thought becomes emotion and emotion
Becomes discussion for my words must be spoken.
But do not worry about memorizing my name
I shall whisper it into the winds.
Written in 2007
© 2008 - 2021 HeyCori
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:iconcongratssignplz: on the DLD Pick of the Day! This poem reaches deep and spreads wide, like a tree in my countryside. Thank you. :iconclappingplz:
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Thanks. That's a very beautiful thing to say about my poem. :)
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:blushes: ...thanks for saying that... And:iconyourewelcomesignplz:
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Thank you so very much! It's an honor and a pleasure to have my work featured on your page. :)
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:wave: Hi! You have been featured by The Favorites Project at #LITplease!
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That's awesome! Thanks. :)
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This is amazing. The rhythm, the imagery....all exquisite. Thank you for writing it. :)
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Thank you! I am very pleased to hear such kind words.
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