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:iconheybruhitsjack:HeyBruhItsJack posted a status
i'm currently working on upgrading my self ref. and soon i will start working on my commissions again (i haven't forgot, lol)

also my birthday is in like 6 days, i'm excited. I'm going out with my friends to see 'Ready Player One' that day. seems pretty good

also school sucks and my grades are really bad at the moment.
Some are good other not so much. i need to study more BUT...
i don't want to. like idk how to explain!!! I hate anything that is related to numbers now!!!!
I wish i could be more active here thought so you will have to wait for me to have a break from school.

art soon! (?)

Devious Comments

Magnetic-LightPulse Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2018   General Artist
Honestly I’m going through a similar rift right now (regarding my hectic uni life). It’s starting to become REALLY hard for me to be 100% adjusted to my classes right now. I thought I was gonna instantly handle my schedule and maintain straight A’s while keeping a balance between my art and work. Boy was I wrong, lol.

My point is, is that it really honestly takes to adapt and get used to situations like this. I’m slowly but surely getting the hang of it now.

I wish you luck, though! :)
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