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Chapter 10 Jack Frost x Male!Reader
“Why else? I want to be free. I’ve been sealed away for way too long. The Guardians are puppets of the one who killed our kind, and as I am one of the Eldest, I think it makes it my responsibility to get rid of all of those pesky hindrances.” Jamie smiled. (m/n)’s voice caught in his throat. He had no idea that the child had been taken over by the spirit of a long gone witch.
“Where’s Jamie’s body?” (m/n) asked, making the latter laugh.
“That was just a puppet I entered when he was born, I even made the mother name him Jamie after yours truly.”
“So, the innocence that Niko saw was all an act? How is that possible, you’ve never been good at hiding your true nature.” (m/n) shouted at him, slowly rising from the ground, reaching behind his back for his staff. Jamie only scoffed as he tapped his foot repeatedly on the ground.
“No, no, no. You really do underestimate my mental prowess. I may have entered him
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Chapter 9 Jack Frost x Male!Reader
(m/n) walked along the streets of London. He could feel the rippling energy from a witch, but no witches lived in England as far as he knew. They lived in Scotland, Ireland and Wales, yes. But England was a zone full of people who hated witches, and even hunted them in this modern age. So this witch was probably the one he was after. The one that had trapped Death in the pocket universe.
(e/c) eyes scanned the surroundings, noticing that no one was out. It must be the zombies. After all, Kitsune had been put out of action, and no one was there to collect the on going souls, or as the white haired deity called them, ‘pure souls’. He made his way across the street, following the flow of energy as it was all going to one place. The Buckingham Palace.
Jack banged on the doors to (m/n)’s house. After a minute of frustrating waiting, he slammed open the door, running around the halls and into rooms to find the witch. He had left the pole in such a hurry that he wouldn
:iconlifecanbetough:Lifecanbetough 52 24
Chapter 8 Jack Frost x Male!Reader
Jack was back at the North pole, and was currently facing the Sandman. He sighed as he looked the golden being in the eyes. “Look, I don’t believe it, not really. But I need to know if it’ the truth or not.” He said. The Sandman made a question mark float over his head and Jack leaned against the nearest wall. “Were you the one that sold out (m/n)’s hiding spot during the Witch hunt?” Sandman looked a bit shocked before he looked down in shame. Jack’s eyes widened in disbelief. “Hey, you didn’t right?” The Sandman didn’t make any sign of hearing Jack, as he simply floated away. “Hey!” Jack tried to chase after him, but was stopped by a sharp pain in his head.
He closed his eyes tightly, but the pain ebbed away and when he opened his eyes, he was in a grey landscape. But the place wasn’t a mountain, no, in fact, when he looked up he saw the earth on the horizon. He gulped, his eyes wide as he looke
:iconlifecanbetough:Lifecanbetough 63 14
Chapter 7 Jack Frost x Male!Reader
Kitsune walked around, it was his first break in over 100 years. He wondered why he didn’t hear any pure souls about to die, but he guessed it had something to do with them. He heard someone walk behind him, and turned around, a hand on the staff he had attached to the back of his cloak. He saw the person he wanted to see least at that moment, and pulled the staff out from it’s sheath.
“What are you doing here? You’ve already made my job harder as it is, now what do you want?” The figure stepped into the light, making another cloaked figure appear, his face visible, letting a pale face show. He smirked as he walked up confidently to the spirit of death, placing a hand on the deity’s face.
“Oh don’t be that way, Kitsune~. It’s been at least one hundred years since we’ve last talked.” He purred. Kitsune slapped his hand away, causing the man to chuckle. “As… how do you call it? Tsundere, that’s what you c
:iconlifecanbetough:Lifecanbetough 62 8
Chapter 6 Jack Frost x Male!Reader
Jack walked up to the mansion. It turns out it was a pretty famous tourist attraction, since it had so many people that were burnt as witches buried in the back. People from all over were exploring the house, and walking along the graveyards. Jack watched as a woman walked up to one of the graves and placed a flower on it, kneeling and praying for whoever it was. He saw a child come up to her and ask her a question.
“Miss, why are you praying for that witch? Did you know her?” She asked as the woman smiled and stood up.
“Yes, well, no. She’s an ancestor of mine. Today’s the day she died see, so I came to give her flowers.” The child oohed as she looked at the gravestone, which indeed had the same date as today. The name on the gravestone read Lucy Flameson. The child was then called away, leading her to wave the woman goodbye leaving her by the stone herself. There weren't many people in the graveyard at the moment, and so she could stay there withou
:iconlifecanbetough:Lifecanbetough 58 7
Chapter 5 Jack Frost x Male!Reader
The cloaked man walked through the busy streets of Geneva as he found his target. An adult man of 25, by the name of Jack Queens. Death at 21:00 sharp, cause of death, being hit by a truck. He stayed by the sidelines, watching Jack as he crossed the road.
5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Now! He rushed forwards just before the man got hit by a car and touched his heart, grabbing the soul in the process. Jumping away from the scene, he walked away as people screamed and yelled at each other to call an ambulance.
“Too late. He’s already gone.” He muttered, but he knew that non of them could hear him. If they could see or hear him, he’d have a hard time getting around, so it was better that way. He looked at the gold orb in his hand, and sighed. He didn’t like his job, collecting all the pure souls was annoying, he wished he could go after the bad ones, but it wasn’t his purpose. He stuck the orb in his bag and walked off towards his next jo
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Chapter 4 Jack Frost x Male!Reader
Jack sat with Jamie on the branch of a tree, both kept quiet as Jack had previously explained his worries over what the guardians had told him previously. Jamie had listened attentively and not spoken a word since then. Jack kept on thinking back to the guardians. Why would they lose the chance to save an entire race just because they were scared of a woman… or girl.
“I think you should ask them more questions, they’re your friends, I bet you they’ll understand that you’re curious. Now all you need to do is accept that they kept this from you for their own personal reasons, and that even the closest friends have things they’d rather never remember.” Jamie said after a while, smiling at Jack. Jack stretched and stood up.
“I guess you’re right… I should go shouldn’t I?” Jamie nodded and Jack picked him up, jumping off the tree before placing him down. “I’m going back Jamie, see you soon!” He called
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Chapter 3 Jack Frost x Male!Reader
(m/n) sat at his piano, attempting to play a song in Madlene’s memory. But whenever he tried to play, a certain face flashed though his mind, and he was unable to play any more. He groaned in annoyance as he stood up and walked out of the house, and out of the illusion. The cold snow of the alps was gleaming in the Spring light, and he took in a deep breath of fresh air, before exhaling it in a puff of steam.
“It’s all that stupid Jack’s fault,” he muttered. It was, partially, Jack’s fault he couldn’t play his usual music. Although in the back of his mind he felt slightly guilty that he wasn’t helping them in their time of need, it only harshened his anger. They had told him they would help him in his time of need, but ended up knocking him out so he couldn’t save her. And why? Because they were ‘scared’ of her. They thought she was too ‘dangerous’ to continue living. That part infuriated (m/n) the most. They
:iconlifecanbetough:Lifecanbetough 71 10
Chapter 2 Jack Frost x Male!Reader
“Why!?” Jack shouted at (m/n) who gave him an indifferent stare.
“Go ask them yourself, it’s a lovely tale. Now once they apologise for what they did, I might consider helping you and your little gang, but for now, leave me be. Today is one of the anniversaries of my… friends.” Jack was about to protest when the scenery suddenly changed, and (m/n) grabbed him by the throat, hanging him in the air. Jack looked down to see that he was dangling off of a cliff, right on top of boiling lava.\
“What the hell just happened!” Jack screamed as he clung onto (m/n)’s arm. (m/n) smiled before pointing all around him.
“This whole place is actually an illusion, the house you were at was too. But these illusions are portals to the real thing, so if I dropped you now.” He loosened his fingers a bit, causing Jack’s heart to drop. (m/n) smiled before continuing, “you’ll die. I know the weaknesses of all of the spirits an
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Chapter 1 Jack Frost x Male!Reader
The guardians all stood in shock over who had appeared in the crystal. All except a young looking white haired teen.
Recently, children had been dying, for unknown reasons, and it turned out a new villain had come out of the shadows, endangering the children of the world. The man in the moon decided it was time to recruit a new member, in addition to the current guardians. But his choice had made all of the guardians unsettled.
“Who’s that?” Jack Frost asked, as the whole group stayed silent, watching the shady figure inside the crystal. Tooth was the first one to break the silence, with a nervous chuckle.
“He can’t be serious, right? Right? I mean, we can’t ask him to join us… he’ll never accept, he never has.” She tried to sound as brave as she could, but a crack in the middle of her little rant took away any strength the seemed to have. Bunny was unusually quiet, while Sandman looked down. Jack looked to North for consultation. B
:iconlifecanbetough:Lifecanbetough 161 15
Mature content
(Demon! Male! Reader X Bleach) :icondemonic-crumpet:Demonic-Crumpet 28 13
OHSHC x Male!Reader Part 3
One week later~
Your P.O.V
I have been going to the Host Club ever since and I am really tempted to join the club now. It really looks fun and I actually want to do something other than watch them flirt girls in my free time. Sadly, I am quite stubborn so it was hard to confess that I want to join. As I was about to go eat some cake with Honey, Kyoya stopped me.
"(Male!name), I would like to ask if you would already want to join the Host Club. You were already given a week so you should have made your decision right now. So, will you join or not?" that took me 3 minutes to ponder on until I gave my decision. "Yes, I will join, only because I actually want to do something on my free time." I said. "Good choice well you are now officially part of the Host Club"
Everyone in the room suddenly became quiet until Tamaki came with happy tears and he hugged me. "Hooray! My little (male!name) is finally now officially part of the club! Lets celebrate later on!" he said and we then danced for so
:iconcandyanime000:candyanime000 29 12
OHSHC x Male!Reader Part 2
The next day~
Your P.O.V
Today is another day at school. It's kinda tiring but eh what could I do? Anyways, I was eating (fav!food) right now. My dad's home but he's still sleeping. As I finished eating, I said goodbye to my mom and started walking to school. I was halfway from school when a car honked at me and I heard  familiar voices.
"Hello (male!name)! As you see, we are friends now but you are a special friend so you get to ride with us!" As i turned around to see if my conclusions where correct, I was carried to their car and I felt the car move. When I looked around, I saw two familiar faces. They were the twins' faces.
"Um hi..thanks for the ride but you didnt really need to do this..." I said. "Nonsense (male!name)! This is our tribute to you as our new friend!" they said at the same time. I wonder how they could do that...anyways, I just didnt bother continuing that discussion so we just talked about other random things. They also introduced themselves to me as I did in
:iconcandyanime000:candyanime000 31 8
OHSHC x Male!Reader Part 1
Regular POV
One day, you were preparing your things for school.Today was gonna be your first day at Ouran High and you were pretty excited about it."I cant wait for school! I wonder who my classmates will be...anyways I'm so excited!" you said as you placed everything on your bag."(male!name)go downstairs!" your mom screamed. "coming" you went down stairs and saw (fav!food) on the table."Yay! Thanks mom!" you said then you ate your food.
-At school-
Your P.O.V
Wow this school is so big. I came from the province but I got a scholarship at Ouran High. I was pretty smart so getting in was easy. I went to the office and got my schedule and everything. "Lets see..your (full name) right? Class 1A..." a young lady said."Oh here. This is everything you will need for now. Your first class is Science. Good luck and have a nice day." You then went out of the office and tried to locate where the classroom was. It was pretty hard considering that the school was so big. After 20 minutes,i
:iconcandyanime000:candyanime000 43 10
Host (Tamaki Suoh x Male!Reader)
Warnings: Swearing and Abuse.
You sighed, staring at Tamaki as he rambled on about how you couldn't be a Host now, since you'd gotten into another fight a few days ago. You crossed your (s/t) arms that were uncovered, thanks to the rolled-up sleeves of your preppy school uniform. A slight breeze that blew from the air conditioner vents ruffled your (shaggy, straight, ect.) (h/c) hair, which brushed against the (silver/gold) hoop earring you had in your left earlobe.
“...And furthermore, we can't just have Hosts brawling whenever they feel like it! It brings a bad name to the Host Club and-”
You raised a hand, cutting off Tamaki's rant. “I get it. And you know what? If the club is that much more important to you than finding out the real motives behind my fights, then I don't wanna be a stupid Host anyways. Girls aren't worth it.”
You turned on your heel and began to stride away, the chains that you had dangling from your belt loops chiming as they struck
:iconshadowsbyday:ShadowsByDay 369 42
Kyoya x Male!Reader | One Shot
Anime/Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Title: Selfish

Kyoya Ootori x Male!Reader

Warnings: None.
An alarm was not a welcoming sound, as Kyoya had mentally noted down as he was forcefully dragged from a dimension of sweet dreams. He heard shuffling beside him, and a pressure was removed from his chest as that infernal beeping continued its dreadful tune. Cracking open his eyes with a somewhat pained expression, he glared at the man whom was sat on the edge of the bed, tiredly reaching for his phone so that he could turn off that alarm. 
"You get back in this bed, right this instant." 
Kyoya was not a morning person. Everybody knew that. [Male Name] knew it most of all, as he had to be around Kyoya every single morning. As he spoke to his boyfriend in a harsh, commanding tone, he only seemed to receive a tired laugh in response. 
"I can't. I have work, dumbass." 
Whilst he was annoyed tha
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