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Katana Handle Wrapping Tut

WARNING - Big File.

This is a tutorial for wrapping a katana handle.

I used this method, for my Bleach Cosplay, seen here. [link]

If anyone uses it, I would love it if you could link me.

Any questions or comments, you can either leave me a comment, or send me a note.

I hope this tut helps people out there!
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angelbolt85's avatar
i'm cosplaying as Zer0 from borderlands 2 and will this to make my katana repersent my irish heritage
crow5derlock's avatar…
I used it on my Display Wakizashi.

Doesn't look as clean i must admit, but it fits the hand far better.
Anikayakushi's avatar
Thank you so much for this! I'm cosplaying as Yuno Gasai this year, and I wanted to make her katana with that black dress, so thank you thank you thank you! I'll be sure to link you a picture! :3
Flashbang22's avatar
Hi I'm from Des Moines Iowa in the U.S. and wanted to know where can I find Ito wraps?
puricoXD's avatar
this was very helpful!
crimsonwingz076's avatar
Cool. Now i need is a wood handle for my umbrella. XD
Padawan-RaZen's avatar
I'm gonna try this for my Lightsaber, add a bit of flair to it. I'll definitely post pics once it's done, and will deinitely credit you :P
Oujisama-Yuki's avatar
I think I'm going to try this as well - will definitely link you if I can get it to work :)
AdvancedManga's avatar
Thank you soooooooooo much! This was so helpful! I just used it for Rukia's zanpaktou and it came out fantastic!
Hexuas's avatar
Glad I could help you out so much!
fancyduckie's avatar
This is going to be super helpful for when I cosplay Raimei. Thanks for making this! It kind of reminds me of lacing pointe shoes, lol.
Hexuas's avatar
Not a problem! Glad it's still helpful to people after so long! ;3
Gandalfx's avatar
It's nice seeing people put up tutorials (it's actually the nicest thing an artist can possibly do).

You do however realize, that this is not the traditionally correct way of wrapping the handle (tsuka)?
I don't wanna appear flaming or anything, I'd just have to point it out. If your aim is a traditional look, search for other tutorials around (there are lots) that show the correct (and in my opinion more beautiful) way of wrapping the tsuka.
thanks for this :) i want to do this for my bokken. does it slip of the bottom easily?
Hexuas's avatar
Not a problem!

It doesn't slip off if you wrap the material around the bottom enough times and tie a knot. Mine's still perfect and it's two years later.
oh cool. thank you soooo much :3
SabishiiMeiga's avatar
Wow!!!! It was a damn useful tutorial and easy to learn!! :D

Your tutorial was the first I found while I was searching how to "ribbonize" my Katana handle. It took me about 5 minute to get the trick and in 45 minutes my handle was completed.

Soon I'll upload the pictures, because I still need to finish the blade. :D
Hexuas's avatar
Hey ;D

That's great to here, glad I could be of some help to you!

You'll have to send me the pictures when you're done!
SabishiiMeiga's avatar
Sure I will :P

Err... I'm new here so you want me to attach the picture in a message, or that I link your profile in the description of my deviation?

Hexuas's avatar
I don't mind, haha. Up to you!

Just glad i could be of some help.
SabishiiMeiga's avatar
Here it is, my completed project ;P

Hexuas's avatar
Thanks, it looks awesome!
p1ng666's avatar
thankyou very much! all the pictures really helped!
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