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Hey guys! Just wanted to make you all aware that we've put together a new Smashified group here on DA! This way, no matter who uploads the art, you can find it in a central location.

We'll also be on the lookout for standout fan works that we can feature in the group as well. This can include derivative works of the characters we've smashified, or fan takes of characters we haven't! Keep in mind that even if a fan has done smashified a character for themselves, those characters will still be subject to smashification by our team. =)

We hope you check it out and give us a watch!


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Man, this has been a wild ride! First of all, I want to say thanks so much for the people who have been giving me such great encouragement throughout the past few days. Been doing my best to focus on positivity, and it's been really cool getting to know some of the people who have reached out to me. =)

I know I've said it a few times now, but I apologize to the Rayman fans that were disappointed with my falsification of the Rayman leak. It was never my intention to make people angry or upset, but I admit it was foolish of me to have not anticipated that people's feelings would be hurt. I want people to know that I don't take it lightly.

Really, I wanted to do what I could to honor Rayman's legacy by creating art for him in Smash style, but I recognize that I didn't have the purest of intentions when posting the fake leak. I'm going to do my best to earn the respect that people have been generous enough to give me.

I also want to answer a few questions that I've been getting a lot.

Can you do [insert name] for Smashified?
I am taking suggestions. However! I probably won't be paying much attention to suggestions on deviantart, just because I'm not super active here. If you'd like your suggestion to be seen, you best bet is to tweet it with the hashtag "#smashified." I try my best to see all of the suggestions, but there are definitely a lot!

Do you do commissions?
For now, I want to focus on creating existing video game characters for the Smashified series. I work 2 jobs that keep me pretty busy on a regular basis, so I don't really have the time to take on additional work. However, I'm hoping to make myself available to do commissions sometime in the future.

What program do you use for your Smash style stuff?
Adobe Photoshop CC/2014.

Can you teach me how you do Smash style art?
A lot of people have been asking if I'm interested in making more in-depth tutorials about some of the techniques I use when making Smashified art. The answer is: Yes! I'm hoping to put together some form of tutorial in the future. How soon? I'm not sure. But know that it's on my mind.

(Update Feb 25)

Can you upload PNG of Rayman?
I've actually been planning on doing this, but I never got around to it. =P I'll do it ASAP

Can you share the PSD of Rayman?
So I had the idea to release the PSD of each Smashified character whenever I put up a subsequent episode. What do you guys think?

Can I use Rayman in a project of mine?
Totally. =) Just be sure to credit me wherever it's appropriate!

What music did you use in your videos, and where can I find it?
The music is a couple remixes I made specifically for Smashified. You can find both of them for download on my Sound Cloud: soundcloud.com/artsyomni

I'll update this journal entry if there are other common questions that come up. Thanks so much for being patient with me, and I hope the Smashified series can be a start to me giving back to the community! =)
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Whoa, deviantart has statuses now? I guess my status is still "inactive." Stuff is coming though!
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Sooooooo I've just graduated, yeah? And I've been transitioning from a life as a full-time student to a full-time creative. As such, I've been struggling to come up with ways to find time to pursue my personal ambitions as an artist, and it's come to my attention that I need a renewed sense of community. If you've been following me at all, you know that I'm pretty silent around here, but I'm looking to change that.

I remember being part of a community back in the day and growing so rapidly, but these days I've been under the delusion that I've somehow "graduated" from communities, and that I need to learn on my own now. But obviously that's a terrible idea. And it's beginning to show, as I see people around me growing super fast and surpassing me in many respects, while I've kinda stagnated.

So I'm looking for ways to get plugged in. Groups, forums, whatever it may be. I crave being challenged by other artists, and not just challenging myself. When I challenge myself, things get out of hand. =P

Anybody able to suggest some groups around deviantART with an emphasis on worldbuilding? Or anything really. I just need a community, and I'm not getting it where I am now. =P
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Hey guys, just wanted to give you guys a little update!

:iconitsogden: (Phil) and I have started a YouTube channel called Consoleburger, where we'll be posting some Let's Plays as well as other video-game-related stuff. For our debut, we're introducing Phil to the Zelda series, because he hasn't played a single Zelda game before in all his years. (I know, RIGHT!?!?) We're starting him off on OoT on the original N64, since he was able to get the cartridge. We'll also be playing other games for single episodes on the side while the longer OoT episodes are going.

Our channel will be focusing on variety and heritage. We will strive to only play games on their original consoles, and up to this point, we've got 8 consoles between the two of us. If you have some time to kill, consider watching us and subscribing!

My own artsyomni YouTube channel is still in the works, but I most likely won't be able to dedicate any time to it until I'm out of college in May. Once I'm done, I'll be vlogging regularly, if time permits. Until then, give Consoleburger a try!

Oh, and I got a new icon. The old one had my old logo, which has long been abandoned. =P
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