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First, I wanna say that it's definitely nice to see some typographic pieces on deviantArt, as it's not a popular artform here at dA by any means. You've definitely captured a big part of the deviantART culture with this piece.

From a compositional standpoint, it's pretty strong, and it's clear what you're trying to do: create the illusion of a low-pixel graphic by using type in place of square pixels. And to that end, I think you've done well.

From a typographical standpoint is where I think it could use improvement. I'm a bit of a type purist, so perhaps my input is irrelevant, but the distortion of the characters is something that I tend to stay away from, as it renders useless the careful proportioning of each character by the type designer. It's my belief that when type is the only element in a composition, its proportions should be preserved as intended. The use of centered strokes on the characters also detracts from the typeface's intended shape. While I understand that you were doing this to fill in the counter space, it's probably not the best solution. Perhaps using a heavier weight and tighter kerning (to the point of creating ligatures) would have done better. Or perhaps constraining yourself to all caps would have been a better solution as well.

Also, don't be afraid to utilize the designed condensed variants of the typeface. It's always better to use a condensed variant of a typeface that to accomplish a "condensed" form artificially by distorting the proportions. That's why the condensed faces exist, after all. Modern Swiss typefaces like Helvetica Neue have a LOT of variants, so you should be able to accomplish this same composition without having to manually distort any of the characters.

Overall, however, I think it's a nice piece, and it's definitely something that a deviant can be proud of. I'm sure it's pretty clear how much love you're getting for it.

I'm still a student, so my perception of typographic composition is still a bit unripe, but hopefully this has been constructive.
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misszoe Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2011
Thank you!
I'm still a student too. All what you are writing it's correct. When I made this deviation I don't knowed this rules, I studied this rule only 2/3 month ago. Thank's for your time, and thank you so much for your Critique :heart:
It's very important your Critique because this Critique can help people to do better :huggle:
thank's, thank's and thank's again :heart:

Sorry for my english, I'm also studing english :dance:
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