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Shovel Knight Smashified

This is the second installment in the Smashified Series! You can watch the time lapse video here: (With CommentaryWithout Commentary)

This one was a ton of fun, but also very challenging! I've never really done anything with this much metallic and reflective material, so trying to capture that was definitely tough. In the words of Sakurai, "Maintaining his NES look was a top priority." I wanted to capture the essence of his sprite while still staying true to the promo art as well, so the body proportions fall kind of in between the two. Plus, I wanted to add some details that you might find on real medieval armor to some degree. Trying to interpret a character in a new way is always difficult, because I want to stay true to the original artist's vision as much as possible. Given the style of the official Shovel Knight promo art, I did have to kind of reinvent some things, such as the leg armor.

I was a bit torn between this pose and a running pose. I feel like Shovel Knight's run cycle is quite iconic and demonstrates a lot of character. However, I ended up doing something that pays homage to his primary method of attack: shoveling. I wanted a pose that looks a bit like he's rearing to start charging headlong into battle, shovel first. I also wanted to capture the rigidity of his movements as an 8bit character, which is a quality that I think he should share with Megaman, were he to be in the game.

Trying to figure out ways to distress the armor in a way that looks convincingly tactile was also an interesting challenge. I plan to post a tutorial of my findings, so stay tuned for that.

Overall, it was a lot of fun, and I hope I met your expectations!

I also have an announcement! I'll be partnering with Chris Sczcesiul Zesiul to produce the art for Smashified going forward! The goal is to be able to make more characters more quickly, and I'm confident in his abilities to replicate the Smash style. I hope you guys are all looking forward to what we make together.

As always, if you want to suggest a character, the best way to do that is in the comments on the YouTube video or on twitter. Wherever you post your suggestion, make sure to use the hashtag (#smashified) so that it's easier for me to find your suggestions. =)

Also, special thanks to Chris for giving me really great feedback during the creation process. He's a cool dude.


EDIT: Got some questions about Photoshop brush settings. I'll detail those here:

base shading:
Default Soft Round pressure control on opacity (occasional I'd up the hardness when necessary)

Round Angle Low Stiffness
Round Fan Thin Bristles
Various brushes from Chris Wahl's Mega Pack (including soft scratches, soft grunge, some others)
A tool preset by Ray Frenden called Pencil: Real - 03 HB from his Inking Brush Tool Presets

Other stuff. Feel free to download and use them for stuff, but please credit if you publish it!

Shovel Knight Smashified (Transparent) by hextupleyoodotShovel Knight Digs In! by hextupleyoodot
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Good Smashified episode! I love it and I love your style. My one main critique is that It doesn't look quite as textured as it could be especially around his chest plate. If you added some more detail in that area (for example, you could overlay a steel-like texture on the chest plate), it certainly would add a lot to your Shovel Knight artwork. Also, the pose seems a little bit awkward. The shovel's handle also could be a little more wooden looking. Also, I have an idea that you could possibly do. Maybe you could make the shovel look a little more worn and tattered. This would add more depth to it. Other than that, this drawing is nearly perfect, great job by you! <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="366" title=":D (Big Grin)"/>
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Sorry if that sounded a little harsh, just wanted to give a few recommendations :)
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Why Do You Guys Disable Comments on your Youtube Videos.
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HE'S IN!!! an Assist Trophy.
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Bringing Assist Trophy and Mii with mii costumes doesn't prove anything

but waste their time. They need the better results.

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Because "Shovel Knight" is such an amazing game to play, I wouldn't be surprised to see him make an appearance in the next "Super Smash Bros." game, especially since they were able to release an Amiibo for the Nintendo versions of his game. :D
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He love to dig. Nice.
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Could you do one for Tin Star (SNES)?
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I hope characters like this appear in Smash for the Switch.
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Gr8 reference m8
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amazing work
wonderful shading skills c:
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Awesome Shovel Knight pic! :D It would be SO COOL to be able to play as SHOVEL KNIGHT!!!
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This guy is one of the highest requested.
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I am SO mad he didn't get in.

I am fucking nuclear that he didn't get in.

We got more anime.
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If I don't get shantae in smash, I want it to be Shovel Knight
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Can you Smashify "Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon Tiki"?…
Please let it happen
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We just need Plague Knight smashified
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Steel thy Blade!
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