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Shantae Smashified Transparent

Here's a transparent PNG that you're free to use however you like, as long as full credit is given. =) (Smile)
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Can you do Dogmeat from Fallout The Fallout 4 version of him.
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Amazing! I hope Shantae becomes a playable character in Super Smash Bro Ultimate or any future Super Smash Bros game. :D

I hope so too.

Here's what I think will be her palette swaps:

1: Red Clothes, Purple Hair [Default; Red Team]

2: Blue Clothes [Blue Team]

3: Ninja Costume [Green Team]

4: Yellow Clothes, Brown Hair, Blue Skin [GBA Color glitch]

5: Purple Clothes, Red hair, Pale Skin [Nega-Shantae]

6: Pink Clothes, Purple Hair [resembling A Valentines' Day Fanart]

7: Red clothes, Brown hair [based on the Early-working mockups]

8: Jammies

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For all the Shantae fans. If you want to see any palette alterations I created.…. Links to them in the description.
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Largely, yes. I tried to take some of the older iterations into account when thinking about proportion. The gold anklets are actually not present in the HGH design, but I used them anyways.
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Amazing job on Shantae by the way 👍😊👌
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Hey I do that to when I try to draw Isaac from Golden Sun :D Really hard though since CAMELOT gave him so many different hair styles and colors (mainly Yellow and orange) when making the Golden Sun Consept art, and its also hard to tell whether they wanted The whole outfit Blue or light blue with purple pants 😧
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Beautiful - she reminds me of the characters in Pokemon Battle Revolution!
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Dude! This came out so well! :D
Every time you guys release a new Smashified i get so excited! x3 Almost the same level as when a real playable fighter gets announced. :D
Keep doing what you guys do! It's amazing stuff! I am a dummy! Love 
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Make THIS Happen, Nintendo! We Need More Female Protagonist in Smash! NO MORE RETURNING OLD SMASH CHARACTERS!
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Because Lucas, Roy, and Mewtwo is enough! I don't think we need anymore classic fighters. 
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But we don't have Wolf yet. I want Wolf.
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I'm fine with Wolf and Snake but god no Pichu PLEASE!
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Personally, I think that Snake is too gritty to fit in with other Smash characters. I would be alright with it if he were brought back, but I am not rooting for him to be.
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