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Rusted Master Sword (Hi-res)

The rusted Master Sword from the Breath of the Wild logo, with the missing part filled in. This is something I created for HMK on YouTube, but I'm making it publicly available. It's been slightly revised from the version I made for HMK to better match the footage of the Master Sword in its pedestal from the trailer.

Feel free to use without asking permission, but if possible, credit is appreciated, preferably linking back to this page. =)
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TBH, THIS is what intrigued me the most about Breath of the Wild. The Master Sword is like the Excalibur of video games and seeing it rusted up  makes me want to know what happened to it. 
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excellent rust effect on the sword c: ^-^
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SO looking forward to this game.
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This is really cool.
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I really hope BotW has a series of quests to not only repair the Master Sword, but also upgrade it to the Tempered and Golden Swords. Would be a great way to introduce them into the 3D games, as well as keeping the Master Sword a lower tier weapon through the mid-to late game; so it's not just a be-all end-all type weapon when you first repair it.
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oh so thats what it looks like if you dont find it in the games?
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This is spot on like the one from the BotW trailer!

Nicely done. Also, thanks for sharing. :)
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God damn... that's amazing.
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This is great! Even use without permission? Man, Omni is such a bro. I'll still credit him for the cleaned up image.
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Awesome!! Thanks for that :D
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Rusted Master Sword for Smash !
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this is amazingly done
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Excellent work on this!

Ever thought of doing a "clean" version of this? Where it's not rusted and scarred.
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I have indeed thought about it! I just gotta make some time for it in my schedule. =)
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Beautiful incarnation of this sword, and I can't wait to see what story it has to tell. Awesome work.
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