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'Realistic' Sonic the Hedgehog (v1.2)

After seeing the teaser poster for the live action Sonic movie and not really loving the design so far, I decided to try to come up with a live action Sonic design of my own. This is the result. =P

I posted this on twitter, but I accidentally left a layer off, so I decided to post it here too. First time posting something in a while.

v1.2 update: did some refinement to the legs and torso.
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Ah, a drawing based on live-action Sonic. Never thought I'd see something based off that on the internet that isn't memeing or mocking the hell out of the design.

Design-wise, you managed to actually make this version of Sonic have it's cartoony design roots AND look realistic, something the model team honestly didn't do all that well. The fur looks like fur without going into the uncanny valley, the eyes manage to be fitting without also going into the uncanny valley and the shoes actually look like something I'd find in real-life design-wise while still being evident that those are Sonic's shoes. Not to mention, the quills, while still looking realistic also manage to be quite similar to the style of the aforementioned hedgehog's in many of his official artworks.

The posture is also another thing that I find is great in this picture, since it looks like a cool pose that the cool, blue hedgehog would actually do, both in the games and hopefully in the live-action movie, as if he's saying "Bring it Eggman!"

All in all, I can't really find any real faults with this drawing. If you wish to draw similar to this, perhaps with another Sonic character, I'd say go for it. You show that you have the capabilities of doing so.
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Wow This Is Awesome And Great Plus This Makes Sonic Look Like A Real Legend I Love Sonic Because He Looks Cool And Special Well SEGA Made Sonic Feel Wonderful And Special, I Have Loved Sonic When I Was A Kid And I Hope There Will Be More Realistic Sonic Art Work Like This One And I Like To See A Realistic Sonic Show In The Future Well I Hope Sonic Gets A Realistic Look In Ten Years Time Or Twenty Years Time I Am Super Excited For The Future I Will Love Sonic Forever And Always Sonic Is Awesome
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Infinitely better than what the movie's official counterpart did, but I still can't say it's 100% perfect. My main critique is that I feel that this design lacks a bit of personality that Sonic needs. Sonic's whole design is super cocky and radiates energy and attitude. That's not exactly the case here. He, more or less, just looks like a generic animal character here. Additionally, the design feels a little too safe. It's a faithful translation from the games to reality, but it doesn't do much to make him stand out. The movie's redesign took a few more liberties, making his arms blue and taking away his gloves. Again, this is still a fantastic design, but it could just use a little bit more work to give it a bit more of its own identity.
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Very good piece.
Hoenstly, this’ll most likely look bette Rohan the upcoming movie.
There isn’t really much to say.
While I enjoy sonic’s cartoonish design a lot, this piece does a lot to wow with the very nice eyes, the photorealistic gloves and the less disgusting looking legs when compared to the movie.
I’m also really glad you made his shoes look like his actual shoes and not just Nike.
All in all, really nice piece with fantastic color work.
I also really like the little patch of grass under him.
One critique I hate to make though, is that the beige parts on him really shouldn’t be fur. In the sonic games, they’re definitely his skin, as seen by the way they’re textured in most of the modern Games.
But still, really nice drawing.
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Despite my first Critique, i still have to say this has to be far better than the one seen in the teaser, this is what sonic should actually look like in the movie since its Live-Action. It does capture the the authentic design of the original and captures some real life based things within it. While the one in the teaser, looks humanoid, and does not almost capture any the orginal characters design of what he should look like, and so i have to say this is quite better than that horrendous design of the one in the teaser. Good Job.
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ok I'm not going to lie, your design is much better then the teaser poster we saw not long ago. how is it you managed to do a better design then the people who are making his movie?

the shoes are great. he has gloves. his eyes are better. point is you did a better design of the character. its a shame the makers of the movie have to go with the monstrosity of a design that will haunt us all for the rest of our lives.

also a shame that the movie will probably be as bad as we thought.
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Sonic the Hedgehog 2020 - Sonic Icon they fixed him
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Awesome! I love the look.
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Better than the actual live action Sonic
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Sonic should look like this in the film
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Much better. :-)
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They should have hired you to design him :)
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Yikes, some user called "TJsArt1993" was selling that artwork on etsy...
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Where are Smashified?
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They're not coming back, especially after Ultimate came out. :(
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i actually kinda like that one xP
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I imagined sonic's face too.
the same face of a real cute hedgehog. because yes, it's possible to make a cute sonic.
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