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Rayman for Smash

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Published: February 15, 2015
UPDATE: Since it was sort of a point of criticism, I decided to change up his eyebrows to be closer to his appearance in Rayman Origins/Legends! You can find the original version in my scraps. =)

This is the first entry in my YouTube series, Smashified! Check out my channel to learn more about the series and how you can contribute. =)

The video that broke the news: The Minish Recap by the ZBNetwork
Time Lapse with Commentary
Time Lapse without Commentary
How I made the leak

You can find the transparent version below:
Rayman Smashified (transparent) by hextupleyoodot
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Rayman for Challenger Pack 7

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LizziegouldStudent Artist
precious helicopter boi for smash

- w -
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The good news. He did get into Smash.

The okay news, as a Spirit.
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More Good news, more DLC is being developed. Spirits do not deconfirm a character as each fighter has at least 2 different spirits.

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SuperMarioFan65Student Digital Artist
I wish Rayman is a fighter for Smash Bros 5. But this look awesome.
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Ah, the piece of Art that blew up the Smash community for a day. Still looks great.
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santiags101Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh well, let's hope if a new Smash game is made, Rayman will be added in as a fighter.
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roisepoise101Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yeah about that...bayonetta glasses push 
santiags101's avatar
santiags101Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I said in a new smash game, as in Smash Smash Bros 5.

Bayonetta is still a badass fighter! Don't fuck with the witch!
roisepoise101's avatar
roisepoise101Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Tell that to Dante after the 16th.
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A far more suitable character to put in than Cloud or Ryu.
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MechaDekaHobbyist General Artist
"A far more suitable character than these more famous characters, one with a significant history with Nintendo."
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I do like that they added Ryu, but I still couldn't agree more.
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DjSplatGirlStudent Digital Artist
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PlanetofmonstersHobbyist Artist
I wonder if rayman's taunts will be the one where he makes dark lums laugh? :-? (Confused) 
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Bob8644Student Artist
Was anyone NOT fooled by this?
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rjarts15Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing work! Looks so real, especially on the fabrics! I didn't think those black rims on the top of his eyes were his eyebrows though...a little scary.
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MediocreTomatoHobbyist General Artist
rayman the limbless potato child who became a trophy instead....... buy seriously he looks drunk or high as a trophy XD
soo detailed.... you should really make this into a print or something..!

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looks much better. the eyebrows on the original always bothered me
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Considering that Nintendo is now holding a Ballot for future DLC characters (cp.nintendo.co.jp/us/)

This just might become a reality!
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PrincessAurorusStudent Digital Artist
This is WAY better!
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