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Rayman Smashified (transparent)

UPDATE: Since it was sort of a point of criticism, I decided to change up his eyebrows to be closer to his appearance in Rayman Origins/Legends! You can find the original version in my scraps. =)

Here's the transparent version for those of you who want to use it in your own projects. Just be sure to credit me where appropriate. =)
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we need plok, not rayman

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I remember this picture from the fake leak from Smash 4.
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The eyebrows I bet was a localization change, seeing to how they made the same thing with ratchet and clank,  they gave Ratchet super thick eyebrows, so I wonder, if he does make it in, will his eyebrows change from region to region? Kind of like R.O.B's colors.
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I would be happier than I ever been if Rayman got into smash bros ultimate.  Maybe I can finally cry after never crying for years and actually be happy to be alive for once.
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He needs to be in Smash 5 this time. (Switch)
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Awesome. Would be cool for him to appear in Smash.
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He looks better with those eyebrows.
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Amazing.... i really wanted him to be one of the dlc :'(
looks much better. I don't know why the trophy in smash 4 has those big eye brows.
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Can you do an entire group shot with these?
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I prefer the original with the eyebrows.
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I completely agree, I think it blends perfectly with his new voice in Rayman Legends.
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Awesome to see you now on DA.

smash -Universe group were very surprise your work!
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I sure wish Rayman really were in SSB4... (Stupid Ubisoft, ruining our dreams...) :tears:
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Ace. I can't wait for the possible tutorial and PDS files of your Smahified artwork. I'm hoping they'll improve my artwork.
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I wonder if I can edit the trophy so it matches this pose... Hmm....…
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I imagine the proportions on mine aren't perfect. =P
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It can be done, though!
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Yes but the trophy face is deformed they did a terrible job making it nose, you will have to modify it a bit to get a cool looking model out of that, and also the eyebrows, they are too weird! This smashified model on the other hand is... PERFECT! Good Luck making that project!
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