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Persian Alola Form Redesign (v2.2)

EDIT: made some pretty significant changes to the face.

They revealed Persian's Alola form, and I thought it looked ridiculous, so I tried to make my own design for it. Took a little under an hour. Posted it earlier on twitter, but this version is slightly revised.

Might not be any better, but I tried to retain the themes of its backstory. Was going for a "rich" cat with a nonchalant attitude. Wanted to make it look pampered.

I don't plan on doing other Alolan forms, but who knows? Maybe I'll get inspired. =P
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Flurry-the-turkeykat's avatar
I swear, this looks just like one of my cats, who oddly my Alolan Meowth in Go is named after. Strange coincidence; absolutely stunning art! I love what you did with the mane. :)
ericgl1996's avatar
Persian's Alolan form don't looked that ridiculous tbh.
ClickaClackPopPop's avatar
This is WORLDS better than Emo Garfield. XD
alithepikachu's avatar
Fluffy fluff floof
walis-nt's avatar
This looks a million times better than the original.
Frogen15's avatar
No no no! Original Alola-Persian is MUCH MUCH better.  I hope people accept its current design with time. Compared to Alola-Meowth it's too small.
gabbycat17's avatar
Oooo I love this so much better! Very lovely~
Candy-waterfalls's avatar
i get why it has a fat face, but making the pokemon fat/plump in
general would have work a tad better
Animefan-279's avatar
Why they made it just a pudgy-faced Persian is beyond me.
L-I-J's avatar
this is how it should have been.
FrenchyBalisong's avatar
The real design for the pokemon made me want stick a pin in it's face to deflate it XD
BulbaFriend's avatar
poppysoup's avatar
He or she is so fluffy! I wanna snuggle him or her!
YearsAnimations's avatar
This looks far more fitting and suitable as a design!
egrol-the-kimera's avatar
this is so much better XD 
Neslug's avatar
As many others already said, this both makes more sense based on the little bit of lore found on the website, and also personally seems like the more logical change from Alolan Meowth. It might be a matter of poor choice of eyes for the official art, as these "calm but still sly" ones also tie it into its base form more closely.

Now it's a matter of time for someone to step up and fix the Alolan Geodude line...
MotorRoach's avatar
I still like the Garfield looking abomination that the game revealed, but this is still a good attempt at the design.
RA-Meenan's avatar
A thousand, million times better than the version that the game has out. =P 
EchoDitto's avatar
I feel like the head on this one would work better on the real ones body, and the body here would work better for the real ones head

but that's just my silly opinion, this still looks amazing af tho
Szczurzyslawa's avatar
I kinda like alolan persian. He looks so ridiculous I love him xD he looks like he ate a bee
VGAfanatic's avatar
This looks way better than the official design.
Lucky-Trident's avatar
fat face + thin body looked weird. 
This is a definitely better design for a fat cat. 
Skjolty's avatar
This would have been sooooo much better than the weird and obvious "big head" pun
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