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Otus Smashified

You can watch the time lapse video here

This is Otus from Owlboy as a Smash character! It was commissioned by the game's developer, D-Pad Studio, and made in collaboration with colossalcake

Other stuff. Feel free to download and use them for stuff, but please credit if you publish it!

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Here you go, Omni. I'm gonna cut right to the chase. This is a very good render, I love all the enhancements made to it and how you worked directly with Simon to make sure it was as accurate as it could possibly be, although, this doesn't really fit as a Smashified render in my opinion. I'll explain why. First of all, there's way too much realism in it. the Smash 4 artstyle, while it does have many realistic features, with things like threading and texture and whatnot, this just took it too far. Take for example Otus' boots. They look so real when compared to other character's boots you've done before like Hat Kid, which was a perfect render of a cartoony character in the smash 4 artstyle. The pants and relics also look a bit too realistic. If you compare Otus' pants to any character's pants in smash 4, you'll see how much more realistic it looks. For the relics, maybe should have taken inspiration from Kirby's rock transformation? Not many rocks in smash bros renders so its understandable to have difficulty in that aspect of the design, but I'm sure you could have figured something out. Jump to the face and WOW, so cartoony! It looks so squishy and rubber (which is perfect!) But it doesnt match the rest of the character. The hair is something interesting. It looks like it's made out of clay, it's even the same color as the red clays you can get for dirt cheap at art stores. You probably should have added more strands of hair coming out like what you did with Crash's hair, so far the only strands i can see are in a few specific spots, but you really should have put more emphasis on the hair to make it look a bit less sculpted. As for the rest, I dont see much of a problem. Just to clarify once more, im not bashing on the render itself, its very well made and I know you put a lot of effort into making it, it really does look like something you'd see in an animated movie, except a lot more detailed. But in terms of smashified, I dont see this fitting that specific artstyle.
I hope this helps clarify my criticism a little bit. I dont want to seem like I hate this or anything like that. just a little bit off-centered about it. I can't wait to see what you smashify next! (Saki Amamiya or riot)
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Otus needs to be in Smash after Byleth
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you should do doomguy next :)
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These Smashified characters just keep getting better and better in quality. I love the way the textures look and what characters you decide to do - from obscure to popular!
I know you probably don't take requests because these look like they take forever and you can't just do these for every single character, but if you ever need a suggestion for a character could you please consider Twili Midna? Midna herself is an Assist Trophy and probably wouldn't be DLC, but I have hopes for her true form being DLC or playable if there's ever a Smash 6, and would love to see her Smashified in the future if you ever get the time.
Thank you!! And keep up the great work as always^^
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Do you take requests? If so... I would love to see a Smashified Paint Roller. One of my favorite Kirby characters and I would love to play him in Smash Bros!
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I'd really like to try out his game one of these days.
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Don't call it a come back but I'm excited for you
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I loved owlboy so It'd be awesome if he actually makes it to smash
KuronosuSai's avatar
Amazing as usual ^^
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This turned out flipping amazing, well done!
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I thought that Smashified had been shut down as stated in a video you guys uploaded a while back.
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The new Smash's announcement got them back into the business.
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That was clickbait.
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Man stuff like this makes me want a smashified of my OC so bad. I've been dreaming for years to try and finish writing my short story with the goal of one day finding a team to create a video game about my story too so one day I could have him in cross over games and such. So def want to get him smashified one day to see how he'd look in a Smash game.

This looks fantastic as hell and I'm glad you guys have an official website that's very appealing to the eyes. Wish the voice submission portion wasn't just a "submit a random clip" type deal though.
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I just finished watching the video. The end product looks amazing.
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He looks glorious!
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Happy to know that Smashified is back!
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Amazing work as always! Might have to try Owlboy out now to see what it's like.
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Spyro please
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Here comes Otus!
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