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Minecraft Steve... Smashified?

Character  Minecraft Steve
Watch the video about the creation process!

It's weird to call this a Smashified when Steve is actually already in Smash, but since Sakurai chose not to alter Steve's appearance in any way for Smash, I felt that there was still an opportunity to explore what could have been done to bring his design more in line with what many people expect when bringing a character into Smash. This is actually something I intended to make anyways, but after Steve was announced, I decided to finally do it.

Feel free to download and use them for stuff, but please credit if you publish it!
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Smashify Harry Potter, then try it like: Harry Potter Apparates In Battle!

Any progress on rayman resmashified? Im very eager to see how it turns out! Out of what ive seen from the streams, i can tell its gonna be great!#rayman4smash

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Try Smashifing this character

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it's probably for the better steve's appearance wasn't altered..

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please stop showing that steve model

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ok sorry my bad

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Do you guys plan to release the model or is there too much of a risk that someone will claim it as their own?

I was expecting him to be this because it's like official Mojang art of him,

also the dark shadows inbetween the shoulders and elbows disturb me because it looks like his clothing is seperated (even though it is)

he looks like he's up to mischief

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Honestly I can see why he didn't alter Steve at all. When he's done in a deliberately low-effort way you can sort of suspend your disbelief and treat him as a person, whereas when he's done as you've done him here it looks like he's made out of plastic and it makes him look a little bit uncanny.

Don't get me wrong though, this looks great.

When did you make a comeback?

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And you guys still refuse to ever do a Frisk render.

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They just came back after 8 months of no renders and you’re pissed because you didn’t get your Undertale rep? Nice, man :)

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They will probably refine him in the next smash
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If steve is even in the next one


yeah, I doubt he and 90% of the 3rd party characters will return, the next game will probably be a reboot and half of Ultimate's roster will be gone (in favor to give brand new movesets for the 64 and Melee veterans)

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Yeah sakurai did say when Ultimate was still in development (before the DLC) that if there was another game after Ultimate the roster wouldn't be nearly as huge as Ultimate's

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I know who the next dlc fighter is

I think Mega Man, Pac-Man and Sonic will stay, but the rest I am not confident

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Do ya know a theme here pal?
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I guess the reason why Steve's render for Ultimate has him standing still, is because it sets him apart from everybody else.

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Guess who’s back? Back again?

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Ah, what could have been...

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