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Masked Man Smashified

You can watch the time lapse video here: (With Commentary|Without Commentary)

This is something we wanted to put together to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Mother 3, which released on April 20th of 2006. It was a collaboration between myself, Zesiul, and colossalcake

Also check out our group page to see everything in one place! smashifiedart 

Other stuff. Feel free to download and use them for stuff, but please credit if you publish it!

Masked Man Smashified (transparent) by hextupleyoodot
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I hope he gets in as we need more Mother characters! 
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is there a download for this 3d model?
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Something tells me this guy might be joining Ultimate this time B-) (Cool) 
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this was
this was made on my birthday :,)
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its so amaziiiiiiiing! so much respect dude! i have been learning how to use blender, and this is freakin unbelievable!
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Now THAT'S a character I can get behind! =)
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Man, that is some awesome modelling and texturing...!
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oh man…if only…
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Oh my sweet sunflower child this is fantastic
Please, I need this.
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As others have pointed out, this is freakin' awesome!

As no one else has yet pointed out, the link to the video with commentary goes to Lilac's video instead of the one for Masked Man.  
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I LOVE how you did the tiny details like the scuff marks and nicks on the helmet.
Masterfully done.
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It's gorgeous, I LOVE IT. Oh God, I love it so fricking much. Anyway... Doesn't his sword have light coming out from it?

Sorry for my english. uwu'
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Great interpretation. Excited for Mother month :)
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You wouldn't believe it but the Masked Man is really... cool :3
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