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Lilac Smashified!

You can watch the time lapse video here: (With Commentary|Without Commentary)

This particular piece was commissioned by the character's creator, Galaxy Trail! We had the unique privilege to work with them directly to raise awareness for their new game, Freedom Planet 2!

Also check out our group page to see everything in one place! smashifiedart 

It was a collaboration between myself and Zesiul.

Other stuff. Feel free to download and use them for stuff, but please credit if you publish it!

Lilac Smashified Transparent by hextupleyoodot
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I would love Freedom Planet in smash so much
library9's avatar
me too! Plus Smash needs more girls!
Donocool's avatar
I would EVERY time of she got in to the next smash game
Reikamigirl's avatar
I wish to see her in the next game if there is going to be one. We should do a petition.😁
Reikamigirl's avatar
Jared-The-Rabbit's avatar
The sequel was delayed until that year.
Reikamigirl's avatar
You mean another Smash game or Freedom Planet 2?
Jared-The-Rabbit's avatar
Now it looks like it's been delayed to this coming summer.
ShonataBeata's avatar
Lilac looks amazing and I loved watching the video of how this was made. I love how Lilac looks here and she looks just as awesome as the official design and artwork of her that GalaxyTrail made of her. I love this so much :)
StarCosmicPow's avatar
next game Smash Bros Multiverse PC
Purrloinedlove's avatar
They need every main protagonist chick from Freedom Planet in Smash. It would be injustice to only have one.
AlmyriganHero's avatar
I wasn't really a huge fan of Lilac's new design...

CatDraculaX05's avatar
AWESOME!! Can you do to Dracula from Castlevania: Symphony of The Night plz?
hiimdaisyprincess's avatar
Wow That's nice! I really like it. Is Princess Daisy next? #Smashified
netnerdy's avatar
What a hairy dragon
Techno-the-cyborg's avatar
Well. She is a half dragon, so maybe her other parent would probably be a mammal. Who knows.
Jared-The-Rabbit's avatar
I think the creators said something about that.
Techno-the-cyborg's avatar
I was thinking of smashifying my character, Techno but I cannot. because I suck at art. I might need a bit of help.
MollyKetty's avatar
Beautiful. ^^
Don't take this as a request, but you should do Knuckles the Echidna in that style sometime. I'd love to see it.
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