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Klonoa for Smash

Update: Uploaded the time lapse video. 14 Hours in 9 minutes.…

Update Aug 25:
Klonoa was featured in a video regarding the recent roster leak:…
Thanks, Maximilian Dood

If you've been following my work, you know I made a bunch of Kirby Hats during the wait for Brawl. It was just a way of passing the time, rapidly improving my photoshop drawing skills, and serving the Smash community at Nsider by taking requests for their favorite wannabe newcomers. I also did a few other Brawl-style pieces: Geno, King Dedede, Shine & Bright, Bomberman, and Galacta Knight

That was a long time ago, while I was still living with my parents and didn't have to work to pay the bills. If I still had the time, I would've made more kirby hats. But this year I decided that I didn't want the tradition to die completely, so I made this fella. Klonoa is a personal favorite of mine.

Just for fun, I tried to pass it off as a "leak" before E3 this year. My leak was less than convincing, thanks to my lack of knowledge of the Japanese language. But I didn't expect the fake to last long anyways, given E3 is happening the day I write this. =P But I was determined to get this piece done before E3 started, and that I did.

This is also the first thing I've ever recorded myself making. I'll be posting a time lapse video when I have the chance to edit it together.

With all that said, I'm super excited to watch Nintendo's presentation this year. Smashers unite!

(Made with Adobe Photoshop CC)
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If I had to determine if this was a fan made artwork or Sakurai's new character choice for Smash, I bet most of us would not spot the difference! This is truly an amazing artwork that has caught my attention even until today! The fur looks very realistic and wall edited, the character is perfectly shaded for a Smash Bros game, and the post looks really awesome too! I'm not sure how Nintendo hasn't given you a call or anything yet, but if they were to make a new character for Smash, you should probably be the one to draw them next. Excellent job, I can't wait to see more from you, and I'm sure the Smash fans can't wait either!
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I want him in smash so bad! Here's to hoping he's a dlc fighter!
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I couldn't agree more. I want him in Smash. He needs love.

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I can only hope.
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I'm still hoping. 
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Klonoa looks cute, coo!
Try Google image searching this drawing. It comes up with smash Bros on Wii u and 3DS, not Klonoa.
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This guy really like Pac-Man.
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What's wrong with it?
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It's developed by Namco, so it makes sense
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I'm gonna have to agree. Klonoa really needs more love. And I'd totally buy a Klonoa Amiibo.
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Super smash bros switch better add klonoa, even as dlc or i'll be an g r t
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Dont worry maybe the next year
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He looks so realistic, and his design is like a definite comeback to many of the games!
This was really good. I remember people on Untamed Heart Klonoa Collective almost falling for this. It looks really real. If I may ask, what gave you the idea to use a brand new outfit for Klonoa rather than any of the other outfits he had?
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Can you give me a blank one of these?
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Still no Splash Art for him? Oh well.
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