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Inkling Smashified

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inkling pair dA transparent by hextupleyoodotInklings Claim Their Turf by hextupleyoodot
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Gave All Stars So Much After All , But I Was Really Hoping For IN My List

- Princess Daisy

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- Linkle

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- King Boo

Last But Not Least

- Princess Anise

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I love most of your work, but to be honest this one simply doesn't capture what the character is. They are way to happy to see each other, any official artwork of splatoon simply doesn't look anything like this. Inklings are competitive, and very fierce looking. They kind of just look like little kids with squirt guns here. I can't really stand the way they are looking at each other. Plus there moths just look wrong. They also look a little to realistic, they'd fit into brawl better than smash 4. However, at the end of the day it's your interpretation of the character that's used not mine, so if you think this is what an inkling is like then I'd say you succeeded
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I never really saw them as "fierce," always thought of them as BFFs.
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DjSplatGirlStudent Digital Artist
Okay, i TOTTALY disagree with this.
1 - Inklings do smile, ALWAYS.
2 - It still looks like something that would fool most of those people.
3 - They're not that fierce looking, unless they can use their special attack.
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I agree. It's strange seeing them with such a big smile and this white glow on their eyes. I prefer their Splatoon color scheme. Same to their mouth, "hair" and eyes. But still, it's nice to see that they have a big support for Smash, they're my 4th most wanted ballot winners.
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SonicUnderground316Hobbyist General Artist
I mostly disagree with your critique. I would agree with you when you said that inkings are competitive and wouldn't really smile at each other like that ... if it was a Splatoon only art piece. I know what you mean but i don't think it apply here.

The context here is way different as it's meant to be a Smash brother piece first. If the inkling boy and inkling girl were to be in Smash for real, they would most likely be on the same slot wich kind of in a way make them partner. Also, notice their smile is subtle and is a bit at the corner. To me it doesn't look like a smile of pure happiness, it seems to have a bit of malice in it as if saying "this partnership is only temporary... now, let's kick some ass", which honnesty seems to fit the bill.

Also, the style seems to fit SSB4 perfectly to me. Brawl saturated most of the character color and go the extra mile to make them look incredibly detailed to create a style for the game (Brawl style, if you will) while SSB4 seems to deliberately try to have all the character made in the style of the game there from o put emphasis on the clash of the worlds theme... i guess. The colors here are very bright here and the details scene here are actually present on most official art. Brawl also had a one note shine for the most part. Aside from metal part most of the render seems to have little to no variety when it comes to shading. The sort of wet/plastic looking glow on the inkling "hair" alone create a departure from the "Brawl's style".
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(Sorry for such a late comment), I really don't think they would smile like that even in smash. Most characters are expressed the same way they are in there own games. (except mario, who is overly angry). I also genuinely can't see the concept of "this partnership is only temporary... now, let's kick some ass", in this artwork. It just doesn't match the concept of what Inklings are or what they are here for in the slightest. I wouldn't mind it so much in the actual game, but just like the Robins this is designed to look like they would fit together. I really don't know why I ever said this would fit into brawl, I really just meant that because of the fact characters match there series really well in terms of appearance in this game, I really don't think this really matches this idea. I also don't think I was being very unfair, I was just trying to give my thoughts on this. I like Splatoon a lot, and Omni does great work but this piece just didn't capture the same wow factor as other pieces of his. Also just
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SonicUnderground316Hobbyist General Artist
Well, i already told you my thoughts so to each their own i guess but let me add something. To me, It depend of your perceptive on the character. In my eyes, This piece it picture the character well enough to be official (heck, if it was official would you even bat an eye ?) cause to me Inklings are not THAT far from the concept of "kids with squirt guns". Yes, Inkling are competitive people i guess but even if the game called the Splatoon fights "turf wars", the story as a potential post-apocalyptic origin, and that they make reference/parallel to WWII in it, I really don't look to deep into that game and it's way too cute and fun for me to take it really seriously. I almost see it as a bunch of kids taking their game of war really seriously XD !

Also, are you familiar with the "Kirby's effect"? It's when a character change expression due to localisation. It's started with Kirby which is a cute character and he was depicted as such in Japan but when they localize him in the USA, he was marketed as "Cool" and given a new facial expression on the box art to look more "fierce". Spyro was design as a Cool character in the US but when he was re-localize in Japan they make him all cute. I'm not saying it's the case for Splatoon here, but i thought it was interesting to point out that these characteristics we think are synonymous with the character can be change like that for whatever reasons and not set in stone at all. 

Here an exemple of the "Kirby's effect":

Bottomline, I see a little bit of malice in their smiles here but you don't, so there not a lot to argue on since it's quite opinion based. My point is, even if they didn't look malicious in anyway to me, it wouldn't really matter that much because of how i see Splatoon. Your perspective of Splatoon is different from mine and therefore this look much more off to you. I still think, it look great overall ! Is it Omni best work ? probably not. Would it had fool me to see this not knowing  it was fake (despite their expression, which isn't really 100% in key with the official game artwork) ? Hell yeah, and i think that was the point of the pic: to fool people who aren't keeping up with smash news.  

P.S: Sorry if i claimed your critique was unfair last time, like you said it's only your opinion, i disagree with you but it's not any less fair than my opinion.   
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I guess I could see that. As you said we come from different perspectives. I clearly think of Splatoon at a different level than you.

I also honestly wouldn't mind if you honestly thought my critique was unfair, because the Artist thought I was and that is all I think matters.
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g0thi-cr0cHobbyist General Artist
Bravo. I agree with you,that crit just was unfair.
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SonicUnderground316Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much!
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g0thi-cr0cHobbyist General Artist
Yeah. I can't even see how the Inklings' smiles are innocent.
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Ballsack100Professional General Artist
Great. I was gonna leave my reply, and then you swoop down and kick my reply's ass with yours. You've got a way with words, and I totally agree with you! 😃 Nice job!
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SonicUnderground316Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you :) !
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Ballsack100Professional General Artist
You're welcome! 😃
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I don't think they would be partners. I'm pretty sure they would be alone, and be gender alternate costumes of each other, like Robin, Wii Fit Trainer, Mii Fighters, Villager and Bowser Jr.
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SonicUnderground316Hobbyist General Artist
I know. When i mention they would be on the same slot that's pricesely what i meant. I meant to say that since the Boy inkling would be a variant of the Girl Inlking (the same character), they are not really enemy just like Bowser Jr. and his family that all share the same slot. 
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Oh. Sorry. 
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SonicUnderground316Hobbyist General Artist
It's OK, no harm done !
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beemaisterHobbyist Traditional Artist
Guess what?
we are actually getting inklings as playable characters in the new super smash bros game super smash bros ULTIMATE.
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HexsmasherProfessional Digital Artist
Bro, guess what ?
There is a new smash bros game for nintendo switch and the inklings will be the new playable characters along with many others
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motherfan142Student General Artist
hey someone at gamestop stole your artwork and used it for protmotional photos for smash on the switch
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DREWW0TM8Hobbyist Artist
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YonderHoHobbyist Filmographer
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